Posted by: Sean | June 30, 2009

And good luck.

We began this ‘blog a little under a year ago, hoping to create something we felt the internet lacked – A dedicated World of Warcraft role-play ‘blog. Nothing else, no game strategy, no nothing but role-play.

That was our first mistake. There were, of course, many World of War role-play ‘blogs – The fantastic RP Made Simple would be the first one we found.

Nor would it be the last. We were rightfully criticised on occasion. The Play Files will always stand for me as a semi-frustration: What I still see as excellent speculation tarnished by a far too authoritative tone.

But we also had triumphs. The Do It Different series is something mostly unique to us, and something I hope has helped a few people think of new ideas for their characters. Of everything we’ve done, it’s probably what I’m most proud of.

And there are things unfinished. I am sad that the Katafray Project will not continue. We had such plans. And my Gnomeregan project taught me that I’m not quite the game developer I thought I could be.

Ce la vie. There comes a point where you have to admit you’ve run out of things to say, and for me that was a while ago. And I know Jess feels the same way. So, we’re closing the ‘blog. We will leave the archives up so that barring WordPress doing something odd, they should always be available. But we’re not coming back to it. It’s time to move on to new projects.

Above all, thank you for reading, and for commenting. You’ve made this worthwhile. But now, we must pay the bills and leave.



  1. It seems I’ve seen a few roleplay-centered blogs go under recently, but this is the one I will miss the most. I understand the need to move on to different things, but I do hope the team knows that they will be sorely missed.

  2. Seconded.


  3. you can always keep your posts and just change the flavour of your blog. they could be different epocs in the evolution of blogatelle!

  4. I’ll miss it.

    My schedule over the past few months has been ridiculously erratic, and I wasn’t able to take part as much as I would have liked, but I was very excited about the Katafray project and everything that this blog entailed.

    Thanks for the opportunities, Sean and Jess.

    Take care, and you know where to find me if you need me. 🙂

  5. Thank you for all your thought-provoking entries and best of luck with your future projects.

  6. Thanks for all the entries, we will miss you!

  7. I’m not the greatest RP person in the world. in fact, I’m not known for having any interest in RP at all. There are times where I’ve always wanted to get away and just try it. But unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the skills for it (more the former then the latter).

    All the best to you!

  8. Best of luck with whatever projects you decide to persue.

    You will be missed.

  9. […] Blogatelle has decided to close its doors, reducing the roleplaying blog list by one – and one that will be sorely missed. Sean and Jess had a great way of encouraging new RPers – particularly with their Katafray project and their faction/class weeks – and making old hat RPers think.  I’ve enjoyed many discussions with Sean about various topics, some of which bled over into this blog or theirs, and my feed reader is definitely poorer for their absence. […]

  10. Today, I feel we’ve lost two very good people in the world of WoW!blogs. You guys were amongst the first RP-related blogs that I found and I have an insane amount of respect for both of you.

    Good luck to you both on the future projects you pick up and know that you will be missed.


  11. […] This post was Twitted by PixelExecution […]

  12. Will be missed indeed, now I have to find a new blog to follow! /Woe!

    I hope you guys will do well and find something else to spend your time on!

  13. […] today, however, Sean and Jess announced that they were closing their doors after a year of blogging.  I am saddened by this, as I have an incredible amount of respect for […]

  14. I really enjoyed reading what you all had to write here – it was nice to indulge the RP-curious side of me and think about things that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Thank you for your writings and farewell.

  15. I am sad to see you go. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, especially the Do It Different pieces and the play files for the different races. Good luck with whatever it is you will be doing next.

  16. Sad to see you go, this was the only WoW RP blog that I followed. 😦 Best of luck with future projects.

  17. Sorry to see your blog close down. We need more role-players in MMOs as they are the true devotees of what virtual worlds are all about but for some reason companies like Blizzard don’t seem to care about supporting it.

    RPers have had to fight tooth and nail for their very existence amidst the wanton neglect and indifference shown by the WoW developers.


  18. Et oui, c’est la vie…

  19. Hail and farewell…. Thank you so much for the taking the time to help expand the virtual world and making it a much better place


  20. […] more major WoW-related blog has closed its doors. Too Many Annas, among others, notes that Blogatelle has called it quits, saying that Sean and Jess over there both feel they’ve come to the point […]

  21. Farewell and thank you for all your hard work. I certainly enjoyed the Play File series.

  22. […] a farewell to Blogatelle.  They provided some wonderful RP discussions, thoughts, and ideas.  Even though I no longer […]

  23. […] more major WoW-related blog has closed its doors. Too Many Annas, among others, notes that Blogatelle has called it quits, saying that Sean and Jess over there both feel they’ve come to the point […]

  24. I’m sad to see you guys go. I loved hopping over to this blog to read something to get my mind interested in RP while being stuck at work. When I do finally decide on diving into a RP character this will still be my first resource.

  25. “c’est la vie”

  26. I’ll miss you guys! I always felt having more than one source is vital in folks being able to decide how they should tackle RPing.

    There is no “one way” to do it.

    Since no MMORPGs really cover roleplaying in depth – it’s been tossed to us a players to fill in the blanks – beit for the best or worse.

    I hope things change in the future and see you posting again.

    *hugs* Love you all.

    God bless

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