Posted by: Sean | June 19, 2009

Crowning Moment of Awesome: What’s yours?

In place of a proper post today, I ask you a question: What is your character’s crowning moment of awesome? Give us a brief background, and then explain it.

For me? Fulthruttle McKenzie Winterspring was investigating her missing family inside Gnomeregan and trying to lay to bed the rumors her father had been a traitor to her people. Instead, she confirmed it, and learned he was being supplied by Thermaplugg. Facing off against him, she yelled:

Thermaplugg, you bastard! I READ YOUR PURCHASE REPORTS!

Which, yes, does break rule #1 in a big way. But it worked anyway.

What about you? What was your character’s crowning moment of awesome?


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  2. An interesting question. The crowning moment of awesome of my Draenei paladin main would be the time he and his fellow disgruntled guild lackies took on the Guild Captain to prevent him from taking the child of his Night Elf druid wife, who had become a close friend of my paladin by that time. Interestingly enough, it was a sort of CMOA for the players behind the characters as well, as the fight allowed us to call out the guild leader on his habitual god-moding. The three main conspirators behind the mutiny are alive, well, and are continuing their adventures in Azeroth + one half-night elf, half-human toddler. I wish to this day I had remembered to video the entire event. *sighs*

  3. I haven’t had it yet, but I’m close. My paladin is soloing the whole epic mace quest including the parts where you have to go into Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep. I think when I finish it, that will be my crowning moment of awesome so far.

  4. Now, I haven’t been much of a RPer since my main characters are on regular servers, but at one point I did have a troll rogue on an RP server that was about level 20 and I didn’t play her much any more, so I deleted her so my death knight could have the name.
    This was my first death knight, mind you. I recreated her with the same looks and name as my rogue. When I came to the part where you had to slay one of your own, it gave me chills. Up until that point it was just a new character, and then when I had to kill poor Iggy it was like I connected with my old rogue while my character connected with her past life.

  5. My Forsaken warrior had been pronounced dead(joke here please) by his guild for a year only to come back in a dramatic unmasking scene. He offered to lead them through Naxxramas using information he had gained from cultists and random alliance from Wintergarde keep on the forces(bosses) inside. The idea was argued ICly between the various officers and guildies on if they could trust my warrior. He’d been gone so long he could have been compromised by the Scourge/Demons/Twilights/etc, but they come to a resolution and storm Naxx.

    We get all the way to KT, RP walking in our RP gear in between encounters, and begin the fight. Well I forgot to remove my RP gear at the beginning of the fight and had to attack using lvl60-75ish gear.

    Here’s the awesome: We get him down to 5% and all goes to hell. All our officers die(are severely injured) and it’s up to my warrior and our DK tank to save the day. Thirty seconds later we’re cleaning our blades and patching up the wounded because my rp geared warrior and new Dk battle brother slay KT BY THEMSELVES, thus winning back the trust of the guild and earning him a place of honor in the rankings both ICly and OOCly.

  6. I haven’t really RPd with Veleth all too much, but one time I decided to RP/run my friend through Escape from Durnholde. After the run was over, I walked into Southshore… on a mammoth. And Primordial Saronite armor. Why? “Most of these people will never know what this stuff is! Might as well flex some muscles and give them a sight.” He was then promptly dragged out of the Caverns of Time by the person he was visiting with.

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