Posted by: Sean | June 18, 2009

The Last Days of Crank Fizzlepop

And on a happier note, a much happier one, we are proud to present Blizzard Global Writing Contest runner-up, The Last Days of Crank Fizzlepop. We hope you enjoy.


  1. Congratulations! A great story! Creative presentation as well, I enjoyed the different aspects.

    I really felt for poor Crank 😦

  2. […] The Last Days of Crank Fizzlepop from Blogatelle (Blizzard Global Writing Contest runner-up!) […]

  3. Congratulations again – I really enjoyed the story, definitely as much for the changes in voice from the different “types” of entries as for the content. Crank is quite the persistent little bugger, though I’m not sure I “liked” him, exactly (I like him as a character, but I’m glad I don’t have to work with him, let’s say!).

    Either way though – great work!

  4. I found an excerpt of your work on the blizzard website under 2009 Creative Writing winners. To be honest I thought all the other stories were boring. I immediately did a search for your story and was so pleased to find it in its entirety on your blog.

    Excellent work!

    • Wow! Thank you so much. I’m very flattered.

      (As an aside, I think Sarah Pine’s piece was wonderful. She’s a little dry at points, but her characterisation is top notch. I don’t begrudge her the win at all.)

      And hey, the new contest starts today!

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