Posted by: Sean | May 19, 2009

And now, for something completely different…

I’d like you to help me out with a little thought experiment, and… if we’re lucky, maybe follow this up into reality. Which would make it the second follow-up, since this is itself a follow-up to our post on hybrid guilds and the Wildfire Riders. (Not raiders! Riders!)

Anna herself commented She noted that they’re been misrepresented somewhat – The guild was pure role-play, but they were supported by Totally Raids, Inc., an in-character raiding group that spans guilds. Now, to me, this ends up being six of one, half a dozen of the other – The fact that TRI is an in-character raiding group means it more or less is a raiding group and a role-playing group. (And it makes me want to start an alt on Feathermoon – Hey, Anna! Whatya think about me starting up that mage concept I suggested to you there?)

But it does suggest a nifty possibility: Divide the two. You’d belong to a guild devoted to one, but belong to an informal network for the other.

So, my questions to you, dear readers:

  1. Has this already happened? Can anyone point me to (besides TRI) a raiding network designed to let people role-play in guilds, or a role-play network for people who want to raid with their guilds?
  2. Which would work better: A raiding network for role-players, or a role-playing network for raiders? Why?
  3. What would be the issues surrounding setting one up, and making it work? How would you communicate with your network members?

I can think of a few answers. I think an RP network would work better; you don’t have to worry about which dungeon you’re targeting, roles, etc. You just need to keep setting up events. A custom channel and a good website could go a long way for communications.

But what do you think? What problems might we face?

Consider this an open thread.


  1. I agree about the RP network, and in fact, the Riders have a large informal RP network of non-guildies (and an IC chat channel that isn’t /guild) just for that reason! It works well, and several of the members of that group are in more typical raid guilds. They get to RP without being in an RP guild or having to compromise their raiding, and we get to RP with them without the weirdness of trying to get them to come back to an RP guild!

    As for the alt business – if you do roll that mage, look me up!

    • Done! I’m totally drawing him/her up tonight.

      Never played a mage before. Will have to hit up the Mage-tastic Jess for hints.

  2. As to examples of such communities working elsewhere, there is the Fifteenth Dusk on the Sha’tar ((EU)). A raiding community for roleplayers who wish to raid while remaning in their guilds.

    • We got Equilibrium (spelling?) and friends of the shattertusk (not sure on their name actually) on the horde side of Sha’tar-EU.

      If you have dedicated people it works pretty well imho. :3

    • Interesting that the model most common seems to be ‘rp-guilds’ and ‘raiding networks’.

      I’d really have thought the other way around would be more common. Huh!

  3. I can actually give you another example on Feathermoon. The Anvil Raid is a multi-guild raid that draws a lot of its strength from several Horde RP guilds–Noxilite, Thundering Hammer Clan, Prophecy of Light/Prophecy of Shadow, and a few others. The raid’s chat channel and the raid itself are not RP, though people are free to RP during it (usually in /say) if they want, and most of the folks we run with in our 25-man Ulduar are roleplayers to at least some extent.

    At least on FM, it does seem to work out to be that the guilds are considered RP and the raiding networks span multiple guilds instead of the other way around. I think that may be because the guilds formed first (all of those guilds I mentioned pre-dated *any* raiding on Feathermoon and all were formed back when roleplay was the norm, in the Jurassic period) and the raiding groups came about when friends in different guilds realized that they didn’t have the juice to tackle, say, Molten Core themselves, but could do it if they banded together.

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