Posted by: Sean | May 14, 2009

Quickie Post: The Most Popular Races

Hi gang. Not a lot of time to post today, but thought you might find this fun.

Race Shift toward race on role-play realms Race Number of Hits on Play File
Blood Elves +2.43% Blood Elves 4,384
Night Elves +1.18% Night Elves 3,575
Draenei +0.67% Draenei 3,176
Humans +0.65% Undead 2,929
Trolls +0.44% Human 2,892
Gnomes -0.03% Tauren 2,349
Orcs -0.38% Troll 2,285
Tauren -0.39% Gnomes 2,040
Undead -0.99% Orcs 2,009
Dwarves -3.62% Dwarves 1,974




  1. I almost added a third column: “Glowing eyes index” after some reflection.

    Seriously. Blood Elves, always have glowing eyes. Night Elves, always. Draenei, always. Undead, usually. PERFECT correlation with Play File popularity.

  2. And if you took a query of classes, DKs might be up near the top, thought I doubt you could add that to support a Glowing Eyes Index until you could also start every class at 58.

    Dwarves and Orcs need love! O.o

    • Death Knights are the most popular class in the game. I’d say it’s a fair bet. 🙂

  3. My main’s a draenei priest – but I swear that I would have stuck with my dwarven one had the draenei mana return racial not been so stupidly good at the time. Stupid raids! I miss my dwarfgirl.

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