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Accepting the award tonight…

[Today’s post is a joint post between Sean and Jess]

As a general rule, we try to take ourselves seriously here at Blogatelle. We’re not a journal, we’re a ‘blog. So we don’t pass around memes, and much as we love the Friday Five at Too Many Annas we don’t tend to take it here because, well, we see this ‘blog as being about role-playing, not our characters. Today, though, we’re going to break both of those rules, because we just got given an Honest Scrap.

It's amazing how much more quickly you accept a meme when it's called an award.

It's amazing how much more quickly you accept a meme when it's called an award.

The problem is, we’re a role-playing blog. We don’t do this about ourselves, we do it about imaginary things. So in honour of Too Many Annas, we’re both going to do one of her Friday Fives instead, so you learn ten honest things about two of our characters. We each picked a Friday five as close to our birthday as we could find. We hope you enjoy it.

Sean’s character, Fulthruttle. Level 65 Gnome Rogue. Date: August 22nd, 2008.

1. What is your character’s name?
Fulthruttle McKenzie Winterspring, although she prefers to be known as Felicity. Her first name was given to her by her mother, and it reflects her mother’s love of racing – Before the Gnomeregan thing, she was involved with the same team who you can now find in Thousand Needles, racing cars on the salt flats. Her father contributed his last name, which is a name given to him after his sterling work on inventing the Clockwork Barometer. McKenzie… well, that’s a bit of whimsy.

2. Why did she pick her class?
Fulthruttle is a rogue not by choice but by circumstance. A rebellious youth with a penchant for skipping school and sneaking out of the house to go partying. (Granted, gnome parties are a bit different to human parties. Think about what happens when you get mad scientists together in one building and give them alcohol and spare parts. You get the idea.) She got really good at sneaking around, and when the troggs attacked, well, it was just as well. She actually managed to sneak out of Gnomeregan after all hell broke loose but before the radiation bomb went off, and saw the green glow from the outside. As a result, she also got separated from her mother and brothers, and only learned the safety of her mother recently. Anyway, sneaking skills made her a natural rogue, and with a bit of blade work taught to her she was on her way!

3. What’s the worst trouble she ever got into as a child?
Sneaking out of home + Bunch of rebellious gnome teenagers + Drunken dare + Five pounds of dense blasting powder and a blasting cap = Front page news – any identifying witnesses + Excellent parental deduction skills = Grounded for a full year and assigned a Minder Robot with full Anti-Tampering Security Measures + an inventive mind + toolkit = Improved engineering skills! (She also got in trouble for disabling the robot, but she suspects to this day her father was proud of her for figuring out how to do it.)

4. What is her favorite thing to eat?
It varies, but she’s a sucker for greasy fast-food type things. Her diet consists mostly of Deeprun Rat Kabobs, Warp Burgers and Crimson Steer for those late night inventing sessions. Good thing she gets a lot of exercise.

5. What does she have in her pockets?
Hold on, let’s check. Five copper bolts, a scrap of blue paper with a note about birdflight, a heavily moldy piece of cheese – Yuck! throw that out – a smoke bomb for quick escapes, and … wait. What is that? It’s got a button on it but what it is is less certain. Maybe if you press the button . . .

Jess’s character: Madame Stephemira Stolarz. Level 64 Undead Mage. Date: February 20th, 2009

1. Can your character read and write?
Absolutely yes – and very fluently. She is very comfortable with words, and has been for most of her life.

2. Is he/she good with numbers and business-like things?
She’s not bad at it, not by any means, but she is not as competent in handling her business affairs as she is in the world of words. She has to stop to think about numbers, rather than just ‘getting’ them right off the bat, but she is capable when she needs to be.

3. Does your character have a formal (schooled) education or an informal (apprenticed/learned by experience) education? Or both?
Being a schoolteacher herself, most of her education was of the formal sort. She was never a very kinetic learner, and so a hands-on or experienced based education would not have left her very well-off at all – she was always a big proponent of formal classroom work.

4. Has he/she learned another language than the one they grew up speaking (in full or in part)?
In a manner of speaking, yes! Being that she was born human, then died and became Forsaken, she now speaks an entirely different language than the one she grew up with. My personal interpretation of events is that she still has the capacity to speak Common, but she doesn’t get any opportunity to actually do so, and the longer she spends speaking Orcish, the harder it is for her to think in Common and remember how to structure her sentences in Common. The vast majority of her life is now conducted in Orcish (she loathes the sound of Gutterspeak, she thinks it sounds terrible), and presumably one day she will virtually lose the ability to speak Common altogether.

5. What does your character’s handwriting look like?
This is something that I have rarely given thought to, actually! I imagine that, given that she’s very comfortable with the written word, and a very neurotic, anxious personality (and a teacher!), she would have immaculately neat, even handwriting. Although she would write personal letters and things in a neat cursive, she would also use a rounded, careful print for school information such as homework instructions or notes, to ensure that students of all ages can read it.

Finally, of course, we have to flag “at least 7” other blogs. We’re not going to do that. Instead, much like Anna flagged only us, we’re flagging one ‘blog we think deserves your attention: RP Made Simple. In oh-so-many ways, RP Made Simple is much of what we wish Blogatelle could be. Sullivan’s a master of clear, basic, simple and practical advice which can radically improve your role-play. If you only check out one new role-play ‘blog this year, make it RP Made Simple!

(And if you check out five, make the other four Rolecraft, All the World’s a Stage, World of-What? [which isn’t really an RP blog, but still quite dandy], WoWGossip. Also, I’m tossing out links to Leafshine and Shift-T, since they did the same for us. Bye all!)

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