Posted by: Sean | April 15, 2009

3.1 for Role-Players

So, 3.1 looks certain to land very soon. What does this mean for us role-players? Well, let’s take a look.

The Argent Tournament

Almost certainly the biggest deal for role-players, or at least those at level 80, will be the Argent Tournament. Headed up by the Argent Crusade in an effort to find champions for their quest against the Scourge, the Tournament is a page straight out of Arthurian Legend. As such, it’s an excellent chance to engage in some classic pomp and ceremony. If you’re level 80, you should definitely be taking part in this and looking at some awesome new mounts, pets and titles – any of which could, of course, be invaluable in role-play themselves!

If you’re not yet level 80, have you considered the role of squire? Find a level 80 friend of yours and offer to take on the role of squire or herald. There’s an awful lot of fun to be had in announcing the arrival of a ‘great hero’, and the whole thing can be played up for drama or played down for comedy. Actually, more often played down for comedy.

King Brian the Wild: NO! you’ve GOT to sing on the target area – er – concert … ah … area…
Herald: King Brian has stumbled over his words! What a wonderfully human incident!
King Brian the Wild: Don’t editorialize!
Herald: Sorry king!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail; the lost scene of King Brian the Wild.

“Percival”: Sir Roderick Ponce von Fontlebottom the Magnificent Bastard will do no such thing! He means to educate you lot!”
– Jade Empire

However, the dark side to the Arthurian myth is that it’s the story of a Utopia ruined by the character faults of its leaders, in particular Arthur and Lancelot. If you’ve wanted to do that guild destroying, horrifying tale of murder, deceit, treachery and everything else, well, you could do a lot worse than to set it around the Argent Tournament.


And this year, we have it for a full week! Joy and happiness! What mischief can we wreak with it?

  • You could hold an Easter Egg Hunt with your guild, but that would be too easy…
  • With a bit more creativity, you could expand the basic logic of Noblegarden out to your RP guild’s leadership, especially if you’re a levelling guild, with a scavenger hunt. The idea behind Noblegarden (and hence the name) is that it’s a chance for the nobility to give back to the peasants by hiding treasures in their grounds. So instead, make a cryptic scavenger hunt list (you don’t only need to find the item, but work out what the item is that you’re meant to find!) and distribute it to your guild. Officers contribute prizes of value to anyone who can bring in the items on your list first.
  • Closer to the Christian origins of the holiday, you may want to hold a time of prayer at Stormwind Cathedral or the tomb of King Terenas Menthil II to thank those who sacrificed for others.
  • Finally, on a more meta note, you may want to begin an investigation plot to find out where the missing weeks of Noblegarden vanished to! This was meant to happen last week! They might think you mad, but you have proof! YOU HAVE PROOOOOOF!

Dual Talent Specializations

Ha! You thought we couldn’t role-play this sucker? Think again! Just because it’s an arbitrary game mechanic doesn’t mean we can’t find role-play links!

Simply put, this is your excuse for every Rocky tribute you’ve ever wanted to pull off. If you’re a Protection Warrior learning Arms, find an Arms Warrior and beg to be trained by the best. Run up and down stairs! Use the training dummies! If you’re teaching someone else, shake your head, wonder if they’ll ever get it right, and chastise them for their mistakes. Show the glow of pride as they get it!

And, erm. Was there anything else?

Was there? I don’t recall.

Nope. I think that’s it.

NO! Wait, now I remember! Mounts can ford rivers now! Have fun with that.

See you tomorrow!


  1. This article is the perfect example of why I read Blogatelle. I’m a roleplay veteran, so a lot of the general ‘how to roleplay’ guides (though they have their place!) are a bit stale.

    But here you manage to flesh out all kinds of roleplay ideas, showing me once again how to keep things fresh and interesting. (Ideas for how to roleplay out Duel Speccing!? Be still my heart.)

    Keep writing & I’ll keep reading. 🙂

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