Posted by: Sean | April 2, 2009

WoW -> PvP -> Introducing the Dance Battle System

Hi all. Sean here.

I’m busy working on my Blizzard Short Story contest entry. It’s coming along nicely. If I win, I promise to interview someone from Blizzard for you. This is not why I am here today.

It is because even though I know this is an April Fools day joke, all I can say is OH HELL YES.

Make this happen, man!



  1. Did you guys die? Or just on another hiatus?

  2. Little from column A, mostly column B. Both Jess and I are entering the Blizzard Short Story contest, which is consuming our writing time. Jess has exams right now (it’s exam time at Uni) and I’m swamped because I work AT a university, and as mentioned, it’s exams time.

    We’ll be back in a big way next week.

  3. Cheers! Good luck both with both things, hehe.

  4. Hey Sean and Jess, long time reader first time poster, just wondering where the posts have been! You guys always bring a smile to my face when i log on Monday morning at the beginning of a long day of pretend working but I’ve been running dry! At least post your short story!!

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