Posted by: Sean | March 17, 2009

Do It Different: Rogues Pt. 2

Is it… it couldn’t be… I think it is… but we wrapped that up… why, yes, it’s…

It’s a new Do It Different!

Last time we looked at rogues, we examined the Spy, the Pickpocket, and the Double Agent. If you’ve not read it before, go and do so now. And get ready for more roguish fun.

Stereotype: As we noted before, the stereotypical rogue is the sullen, shadowy badass. They may be a petty-thief, an assassin or anything in between, but what they ARE is amoral, sneaky and determined that the ends justify the means. They look out for the only person who’ll look out for them: Themselves.

Alternatives: The Marshal/Bounty Hunter: In real life, bounty hunters don’t go out looking for monsters and very rarely go out after notorious criminals who the police can’t catch. Mostly, they go after people who skip bail. This archetype takes a little of that reality and a little of the fantastic (in what measures, you decide): They’re former/semi-former criminals who have decided playing with the law pays better than playing against it. They adopt numerous cover identities to blend into various criminal circuits, listening in for tips and hints as to where their mark might be. It’s important to note that they’re not dummies – Bounty hunters have to use their brains, acting as much as detectives as fighters. (Preferred spec: Subtlety. In the end, this is a profession about sneaking up on your target, smacking them over the head and handcuffing them, not murdering them. You don’t get the bounty if they don’t come back alive.)

The Bandit: “Stand and deliver! Your money or your life!” I’m not too surprised this one doesn’t get played that much, but it’s a worthy fantasy archetype and one that isn’t too hard to do in World of Warcraft. Just hide in bushes or long grass along roads, leap out at people who have their RP Flag set on, and throw down a duelling flag as you issue your challenge. Easy. It’s a natural for a role-player who solos a lot, or you could put together a role-play group based around a bandit group. (Preferred Spec: Combat. These guys are all about being flashy and threatening.)

The Con Man: A personal favourite of mine, the con-man is a trickster figure, figuring out ways to bilk people of their hard earned gold without them ever realising they’ve been swindled. In all cases, the confidence trickster is charming, personable, easy to get along with, and a thorough bastard underneath – making them truly fun to play. There are two ways you can take this path: The short con artist, or the long con artist. Short cons are done in an afternoon, usually in only a few minutes. (The classic here is the Pigeon Drop.) These kinds tend to be a little more desperate, a little more street level. They’re doing this day to day, watching for the cops, afraid of the consequences. The alternative is the long con artist. These are (to be honest) more the domain of film than reality, but they’re a lot of fun. The notion here is that you’re part of a group setting up an elaborate cover story, trying to alter the very perception of your reality to your mark. Thus deluded, he proceeds to funnel tremendous amounts of money to you even as he gains nothing in return, because he thinks he is. This one is more romantic, but harder to play in Warcraft. (You’d need to set up whole plots around it.) If I was going to do the long-con artist, I’d make them a solo operator, or maybe a duo, and involve a third person in your RP guild to be the person(s?) bilked. If you’re a GM and you truly trust them, you could also let them rob the guild bank completely. (Trusting that they’ll return it later when they’re ‘caught’.) Either way, head on over to The Encyclopaedia of Scams and get some ideas.


  1. I didn’t really see most of these rogue write ups as ways to do them differently. They’re all pretty standard with my idea o a rogue. However, they are very good ideas and I love the articles.

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