Posted by: Sean | March 3, 2009

Katafray Project #1 Stats and Charts

Man, if there’s one thing I love more than role-play, it’s a good chart. Let’s look at some charts, man! Let’s look at some charts! This first chart looks at how many characters three of the four Katafray project members met per level they advanced – Eme didn’t record detailed numbers, so she’s excluded.


Which pretty much shows that, holy cats, Asrai met more or less double what Fegari met per level, and more than four times as many as Katafray did. Elwynn Forest really earns its rep as a popular place to hang out. But how many are role-players? This chart shows what percentage of people encountered were role-players.


I’m not saying that’s an inverse rate, because it’s ludicrously one sided. And to be fair, my meagre number of encounters could skew the levels. But jeeze. Asrai saw nothing. Still, not everyone can role-play, but if you’re on a role-play server you can be expected to be friendly to role-play, right? This chart shows what percentage of people either role-played or at least offered a friendly brush-off.


Umm. OK. So this is kind of getting worse and worse for Asrai. She did get ignored a lot – Does that count for the whole thing? What percentage of people just ignored us?


That’s a lot, a little over double what either Fegari or Katafray encountered. But it doesn’t explain that previous chart. Just how rude were the people Asrai met? What percentage of brush-offs were rude brush-offs?


Yeeeeeesh. Feel free to discuss in comments. My conclusion? Goldshire is a wasteland.



  1. I collected some data of my own during my death knight’s adventures in the Scarlet Enclave, so here it is, free of charge:

    Levels gained: 3 (or 58)
    Characters approached: 0
    Characters ignored by: 0
    Characters rudely brushed off by: 0
    Characters politely brushed off by: 0
    Characters role-played with: 0

    I saw about three or four characters in my whole time there, some of whom may have been the same person. As compared to when I made my other death knight on Proudmoore a couple of days after release, when you couldn’t move an inch without tripping over five idiots called Xxarthusxx or something similarly inane, I’d say it’s an improvement.

  2. “My conclusion? Goldshire is a wasteland.””

    This really isn’t news! Anyone who’s ever started a human character has probably come to this conclusion within minutes of hitting level 5.

    On the other hand, you may just have been trying to elicit (solicit?) the wrong kind of RP. Name your character something like Hunnybunz or TittyFay and run into Goldshire looking for “hot cyber action” and you’d likely find more responses than you could handle.

    Most of my characters will RP with someone who approaches them in an RP fashion with a couple of exceptions:

    I will NOT go along with clumsy attempts at pseudo-Shakespearian English. Unless you know the difference between “thee” and “thou” and can use them correctly, just don’t try.

    Attempts to initiate some sort of sexual RP by complete strangers will either be ignored or rudely brushed off.

    if I’m in a rush to finish something before I have to log, I’ll probably respond in character that I have only a little time and can’t stop to chat just now.

  3. Mother of [insert preferred deity here], I hadn’t realized that everything was THAT skewed…

    Is this the part where I commit ritual suicide now?

    Eesh. O_<

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