Posted by: Travis | March 2, 2009

Katafray Project Experiment #1: Fegari’s Perspective (Attempt #2)

Fegari Duskrunner

Fegari Duskrunner

20:30 –> The Katafray Project: Experiment #1 (Attempt: #2) begins.

20:33 –> Third attempt @ RP – target level 4 Druid

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, Brother Druid.”

Druid: <no response/ignored.>

20:37 –> Fourth attempt @ RP – target level 1 Rogue

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, sister.”

Rogue: <no response/ignored.>

20:41 –> Fegari reaches level 5.

20:44 –> Fifth attempt @ RP – target level 4 Hunter

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, Huntress.”

Hunter: </invite>

WRITER NOTE: This happens a lot I’ve noticed when you try to instigate role-play with someone at random, they just invite you to party for whatever reason. Not really sure why, I didn’t ask. Usually I turn them down, but for the sake of the experiment, I went with it.

Fegari: <accepts the invite.>

Hunter (in party chat): “Shh! I’m hunting a particularly vile spider — I believe it was responsible for poisoning a friend. Would you like to help?”

Fegari: <nods quietly.> “It would be my honor to aid you, Huntress.”

Hunter: “Good, good. Then stay very quiet and follow me; we don’t want to it to know we’re coming.”

Fegari: <nods.>

WRITER NOTE: I have to give this person some credit; that was damned near the only bit said the entire time we were in party together and the full sum of what was said in-character. I almost take this person as a non-roleplayer who happened to see me as a means to help with a quest and solicited my assistance by meeting me on my level for a short while. I think this has been my favorite encounter of the experiment so far. If I’m right and this person was a non-role-player by and large, I’d love for other non-role-players on RP and RP-PVP servers to take note and follow this example. Very clever.

21:10 –> Small break for food.

21:36 –> Return from break.

21:37 –> Sixth attempt @ RP – target level 5 Druid

Fegari: </bow> “Brother Druid, Elune’s light shine upon you.”

Druid: “wut”

Fegari: “How does this day find you?”

Druid: “lol dum fag”

WRITER NOTE: I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later.

21:43 –> Fegari reaches level 6.

21:47 –> Fegari travels to Dolanaar.

The Road to Dolanaar

The Road to Dolanaar

21:49 –> Seventh attempt @ RP – target level 10 Hunter

Fegari: </bow> “Impressive nightsaber, Master Hunter.’

Hunter: “Thanks.”

Fegari: “Was it difficult to gain it’s trust?”

Hunter: “Nah. Pretty easy quest chain.”

Hunter: <runs off.>

21:54 –> Eighth attempt @ RP – target level 8 Priest

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, dear Sister.”

Priest: “sister? im a dude”

Priest: <runs off.>

22:00 –> Ninth attempt @ RP – target level 8 Warrior

Fegari: “Cheers on your new season, Warrior.”

Warrior: <no response/ignored.>

22:03 –> Fegari reaches level 7.

22:05 –> Tenth through seventeenth attempts @ RP – targets level 59 Paladin, level 11 Warrior, level 9 Druid, level 7 Priest, level 20 Hunter, level 33 Mage, level 11 Shaman, level 22 Warrior

WRITER NOTE: I think I stumbled on to a guild meeting or something similar taking place just outside of Dolanaar. The long and short of it is that while they were friendly enough it was pretty obvious to me that these folks didn’t understand role-play or get why I was trying to communicate with them at all. They all but demanded (again, with surprising politeness) that I leave them alone and take my strangeness elsewhere.

22:16 –> Eighteenth and nineteenth attempts @ RP – targets level 8 Druid, level 7 Paladin

WRITER NOTE: I’m going to preface this encounter by noting that both the characters in question were male.

Fegari: </bow> “Elune’s light shine upon you, human; you’re a long way from home.”

Paladin: </bow> “Verily, but such is the times in which we live.”

WRITER NOTE: I have no idea what that means.

Fegari: “As you say. What brings to you sacred Teldrassil.”

Druid: <glowers at the priest.> “I do. Have you a problem with that?”

Fegari: <turns to regard the druid, whom she had not originally seen. She shakes her head, her expression worried that she might have perhaps caused unintentional offense.> “Of course not; we are all the beloved sons and daughters of Elune.

Paladin: “Now, now. Calm yourself, [Druid]. The child was just asking a question.”

Druid: <grunts, still shooting Fegari the old stink-eye.> “You don’t know these damned priestesses like I do, [Paladin]. Foul witches, they are. Witches and liars.”

Paladin: <steps up on his tiptoes and turns [the Druid’s] head so that he can kiss him on the lips.> “Jealousy does not become you, my love.”

Druid: <grunts then finally returns the kiss.>

Fegari: <widens her eyes.>

Paladin: “You’ll have to forgive him. He dislikes women.”

Druid: <glowers at the priestess.>

Fegari: “Ah, well. I apologize if my presence gives offense. I will retreat.”

Fegari: </bow>

Druid: “Good.”

Fegari: <exhales a soft sigh as a somewhat sad expression touches her features.>

Fegari: <Fegari casts Power Word: Fortitude on both of the Druid and Paladin.> “Elune’s blessing upon you both.”

Fegari: <begins to leave.>

Paladin: <casts Blessing of Might on Fegari.> “Light go with you.”

Druid: <casts Mark of the Wild and Thorns on Fegari.>

Druid: <mutters.> “Cenarius as well.”

Fegari: <smiles, quietly.> “Of course; Elune is His mother, and She lights my steps. It only stands to reason He would cradle my steps.”

Druid: <hisses.> “That depends on who you ask, wench.”

WRITER NOTE: This was my first encounter with homosexuality in Warcraft thus far; being bisexual myself, I found it interesting, if not somewhat surprising. I have to admit that it caught me off guard. Still, it was an intriguing session of role-play and I’m kind of hoping to run in to the pair again. I was impressed by the commitment and study of the druid in particular.

22:28 –> Twentieth attempt @ RP – target level 8 Druid

Fegari: “Thank you for your assistance, sister Druid.”

Druid: “w/e yw”

Druid: <runs off.>

22:33 –> Fegari reaches level 8.

22:38 –> Twenty first attempt @ RP – target level 9 Rogue

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, brother.”

Rogue: “damn another rp fag stfu an gtfo homo”


22:43 –> Twenty second attempt @ RP – target level 10 Rogue

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, sister.”

Rogue: <no response/ignored.>

22:48 –> Twenty third and twenty fourth attempts @ RP – targets level 9 Druid, level 9 Druid

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, sisters. How does Elune’s light shine for you this fine day?”

Druid #1: <no response/ignored.>

Druid #2: <no response/ignored.>

WRITER NOTE: I could have guessed that reaction; I’m almost positive this was single player on a multibox setup.

22:55 –> Twenty fifth through twenty ninth attempts @ RP – targets level 8 Warrior, level 7 Shaman, level 9 Hunter, level 10 Hunter, level 8 Priest

Fegari: “Greetings, all, and Elune’s light upon you. Are you seeking the Relics of Awakening as well?”

Shaman: “Elune?”

Fegari: “The Mother Moon, Goddess of the Kaldorei.”

Shaman: “What?”

Fegari: “My people. The night elves.”

Warrior: “she’s a rper dude. they talk crazy sh–. we don’t do rp stuffs chick but well help you with your quest if you want.”

Shaman: “Rp? Like Dungeons and Dragons? Isn’t that kiddie sh–?”

WRITER NOTE: I actually left after that. I’m going to break that down to one polite brush-off, one rude, and three ignored though I’m not entirely sure I should consider ‘they talk some crazy sh–‘ as being a polite brush off.

23:06 –> Fegari reaches level 9.

23:16 –> Thirtieth and thirty first attempts @ RP – targets level 6 Warrior, level 7 Druid

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, brother, sister. Need you assistance?”

Warrior: <no response/ignored.>

Druid: <no response/ignored.>

23:20 –> Thirty second attempt @ RP – target level 13 Hunter

Fegari: </bow> “Fine evening to you, Huntress. That is a beautiful owl you have.”

Hunter (in whisper): “((I’d love to Rp with you right now, but I’m only going to be on for a couple of minutes. Can I friend you? Always glad to see more Rpers around.))”

Fegari: “((Absolutely! I look forward to playing with you later. ^^))”

23:42 –> Fegari reaches level 10.

23:42 –> The Katafray Project: Experiment #1 (Attempt: #2) concludes.

The Dolanaar Moonwell

The Dolanaar Moonwell

I’ve already posted my thoughts on the discussion and new assignment thread, so I leave those of you who managed to pour through my notes to draw your own conclusions.

The final breakdown;

Levels gained: 10
Characters approached: 32
Characters ignored by: 11
Characters rudely brushed off by: 3
Characters politely brushed off by: 14
Characters role-played with: 4


  1. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people that roll on RP servers and then complain about people RPing… /facepalm

  2. I’m damn impressed you keep at it. Please keep at it, the posts are great reading. 12% of the players roleplayed back, nice.


  3. Syrana: I KNOW. What the hell?

    Typhoon: You just wait. My statistical crunch is about to come… 😀

  4. 22:38 –> Twenty first attempt @ RP – target level 9 Rogue

    Fegari: “Greetings, brother.”

    Rogue: “damn another rp fag stfu an gtfo homo”

    Smartass gnome: “No no, you’re looking for a paladin and a druid, that way.”

  5. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    On the plus side, based on the currently available data, if I ever do anything with my death knight outside a few token quests in Hellfire Peninsula, I won’t have to worry about terrible roleplayers coming up to me apropos of nothing and godmoding the will to live out of me.

  6. Wow, I wish I could run into you. I transferred to an RP server for the first time to try it out and since I don’t have friends who RP, I’ve basically just gone into a tavern that’s a designated RP location. Only to find … that everyone just stands there, mostly.

    There are people who are guilded together who mostly RP with each other, and ignore everyone else. I tried starting a couple of things and they went nowhere. And these were people who supposedly WANTED to RP! I basically felt like I was the school nerd trying to infiltrate a junior high clique.

    So I decided to go back to just playing and if anyone starts something with me, then I would play along and be happy to. But trying to seek out RP I found to be kind of stressful. I commend you for trying so hard, even if it was an assignment.

  7. It’s nice to read these posts when they’re up. It makes me sad as an RPer to see the reactions of some; especially since it’s an RP server. You handled it better than I. I would have whispered them and reminded them it is an RP server and what the rules of said server are, including staying in character in /s and /y. I would have been polite of course, but if they would have continued to be rude, I would have reported them.

    Keep up the good work guys, it’s great to see.

  8. You know what, I´d love to see the reactions on a PvP server… Meheheh.

  9. I love RP. I want to RP with more people, more characters, and have more interaction with all of the above. Very often I wish I could spend more time just trolling for random RP, however limited game time and real-life tend to keep my game time short. I have no issues starting random RP with passers by… but these statistics aren’t making it sound like it’s worth my (little) time.

    Perhaps rather than the starting areas, these characters could now go searching in various capital cities. Might the concentrated populations of “civilized” areas of the game be more inviting to random RPers?

  10. Ivorydawn: The next phase of the Katafray Project is based around capital cities.

  11. blogatelle: Can I have two more wishes?

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