Posted by: Jess Riley | March 1, 2009

Katafray Project: Eme’s Talent Point

I don’t think I’ve ever played a warlock through to above level ten before. I believe my highest level warlock apart from Eme is approximately level 6 at the moment – what can I say? I much prefer mages.

What this actually means for the Katafray Project is that I have no experience in how to actually play a high-level warlock, so there’s not a lot to actually base my decisions on. I’m stuck with one of three options to determine where that talent point goes – I pick one completely at random, I read up on them and decide what sounds best for the character, or I read up on them and decide what sounds like the best to actually play.

While a lot of people, particularly roleplayers (and I imagine that there will be other participants in the Katafray Project who disagree with my stance) will say that the best option is to go with what suits the character most. While obviously, this is very justifiable – and oddly, normally my opinions tend to run this way more than any other – I personally think that actual playability trumps a lot when it comes to talent points. If you’re someone who can’t cope with tanking, putting your talent points into Protection for your warrior won’t help very much.

As I’m the kind of person who works best in a pure DPS situation when it comes to actual play, I decided to go Destruction. Demonology was a poor choice for me, and between Affliction and Destruction, I prefer the latter.

So, there we are: others may have vastly different approaches, but for me it was plain and simple. I’m going with the playability over the character.


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