Posted by: Travis | February 23, 2009

Katafray Project Experiment #1: Fegari’s Perspective (Attempt #1)

Haunted Memories

Haunted Memories

I need to begin by saying my first experiment with the Katafray Project was interrupted by an untimely power outage, so this take might appear somewhat abbreviated compared to the others. On the night of the original experiment an ice storm brought down a transformer almost immediately outside my house. I am planning on continuing my ‘first experiment’ Tuesday and I’ll post the results of my resumed experiment after the deed has been done.

I wanted to get something up on the blog, however, because I know my procrastination has prevented the project from moving forward and I know how excited everyone is to carry on. This at least gives us something to go by for the Darnassus side of things until I finish up and gives Blogatelle and Sean the option to announce the next experiment while I tidy up the mess a very busy reality has left for me. Until then, however, the results of my cardinal attempt are as follows!

21:00 –> The Katafray Project: Experiment #1 (Attempt: #1) begins.

21:02 –> First attempt @ RP – target LVL 4 Druid

Fegari: </bow> “Hello, Brother Druid.”

Druid: </bow> “Hello.”

Druid: <runs off.>

21:13 –> Fegari reaches level 3.

21:25 –> Second attempt @ RP – target LVL 4 Hunter

Fegari: </bow> “Greetings, Huntress.”

Hunter: “Greetings. An apparition appears to be following you, you may need to visit a chapel.”

Fegari: <smiles, though a bit sadly.> “I visit the chapel every day; it’s my calling. But not even the Light of Elune can cleanse one of the memories of one’s past.”

Hunter: <the Ranger raises an eyebrow to the priest.> “I see. Well, you should know that I am no hunter, I’m a Ranger.”

Fegari: <cants her head to one side; she hadn’t had much education of such things beyond her hymn books.> “I meant no offense. Perhaps you could educate me on the difference between the two?”

Hunter: “Not a problem. See, hunters rely on their companions for help. Rangers are self-sufficient. Relying on a true shot rather than a furry animal.”

21:35 –> Fegari reaches level 4.

Fegari: “Then you do not intend on heeding the call of the beast and taking on one of Elune’s creatures as a companion?”

Hunter: “Indeed. I fear that a beast is not a proper companion. I have a dwarf.”

Fegari: <blinks… twice.> “A… dwarf?”

Hunter: “Yes. A dwarf is a fine companion.”

21:43 –> Power died.

That’s more or less it; though I never left the immediate starting area, I encountered two people, and I had a 50/50 ratio with one polite brush off and one actual engagement. Just before power went dark, I found the dwarven companion of my ‘ranger’ friend. I was approaching him to strike up a conversation when the whole thing went dark and I got power-squashed.

The apparition mentioned would be the ghostly soul bound to my Haunted Memento; a fantastic example of how unusual game items can be used to spark role-play. I spent some time collecting a handful of interesting role-play items while waiting for the experiment to begin, each which I felt had certain significance toward Fegari’s character; a Haunted Memento, a Brewfest Pony Keg, a Romantic Picnic Basket and a Lovely Black Dress. Event items can be lovely for coaxing role-play along. I’ll admit that perhaps gives me an unfair advantage in the initial experiment, but…

The Well of Souls

The Well of Souls

At the half-way mark, my stats are as follows;

Levels gained: 4
Characters approached: 2
Characters ignored by: 0
Characters rudely brushed off by: 0
Characters politely brushed off by: 1
Characters role-played with: 1

Not enough for conclusive results, sadly; but compelling returns thus far.


  1. Even though the event was cut short, I think the dwarf “pet” is my favorite thing so far.

    “A dwarf is a fine companion.”


  2. “…a Haunted Memento, a Brewfest Pony Keg, a Romantic Picnic Basket and a Lovely Black Dress.”

    Dare I ask…?

  3. @Sagaril

    “Dare I ask…?”

    Well, the Haunted Memento I’d think should be obvious; the apparition that follows her around is a fair representation of her regrets and agonies regarding her (albeit very small) part in the Third War.

    The Brewfest Pony Keg is a combination of sacred liquor and a simple, convenient method of numbing her guilt.

    The Romantic Picnic Basket is a owed to the fact that even with all her negativity she is still a young girl and has a glimmer of innocence and hope nestled somewhere inside of her. Not to mention that it seems a priestly thing to set up a picnic basket in a lush forest and enjoy a quiet day there.

    The Lovely Black Dress is a simple nod to the fact that she is from a wealthy, upper-class family and away from the temple would dress quite finely.

    Each ties in to my overall vision of the character, and is a capable tool to be used in the inspiration of roleplay.

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