Posted by: Sean | February 4, 2009

One more Lunar Festival suggestion:

Inspired by this Dark Legacy Comics strip, I make one more suggestion for Lunar Festival: Actually honour the elders.

Seriously. Go out in a group and take turns honouring each elder. Just make up a quick summary of their achievements in life and declare their honour for this. These do not need to be serious, although some could be. A few examples follow:

  • In life you were brave and compassionate; caring about the least among you, yet determined to protect our people from the ravages of the Alliance. We honour your passing.
  • In life you were a mighty warrior. We honour your memory.
  • Wait, who were you again? I’m sure you were a might warrior. Honour, yeah yeah. Sure. Why not? Coin please. (Note: Yes, this is how you play a dick character.)
  • Mys’ries of the holy light, you were hard t’ find. I honour your hide-and-seek prowess, I’ll tell you that much.
  • I honour your terrific fashion sense! Is that robe frost-weave? Oh my god. Where did you get it?
  • I honour the sacrifices you made for us. Thank you.



  1. nice

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