Posted by: Sean | February 2, 2009

Things to do in Moonglade when you’re Bored

Moon drinks, baby.

Last year, David Bowers (one of the two men who pretty much inspired me to blog role-play in the World of Warcraft) put forward a good history of the Lunar Festival, and a set of suggestions for things to do role-play wise within it. It’s a good article and I highly recommend it. However, this year he’s caught up in Wanting to Be Things, so it’s up to us to keep the tradition going.

However, David approaches things thematically, whereas I tend to see things mechanically. As such, my list of suggestions is going to be based more around the items you can get at Lunar Festival and what you can do with them… even if it’s not directly related to the festival.

  • Anything to do with angels and demons: The key items here are Moonglow and Festival Firecrackers. Moonglow produces an aura around your hands and head, it looks impressively angelic. Sadly it doesn’t last that long, but it’s an effective image none the less. If you want your character to be channelling the spirit of a holy force (like the Naaru or Elune) then it’s a very nice choice. But what about the firecrackers? Simple: Drop ’em right on your feet. You’ll be swept up in a red mist that encompasses your lower body. If you’re planning a demonic possession plot it could be an excellent idea to stock up on them now as a way to show this.
  • Elune’s Very Own Trivia Quiz Show! Here’s an odder one you could do. Build a rocket cluster somewhere out of the way and give your three contestants each their own colour of large cluster rocket. Now, have a host ask questions and get the contestants to hurl the rockets into the launcher as their ‘buzzer’, whichever colour emerges first from the launches buzzed in first! Simple, visually dynamic and pretty.
  • AWF: The Azeroth Wrestling Federation! Or, if you’re more about physical pursuits than mental ones, hold a fight night. Don’t just hold duel after duel with no fanfare, actually draw up an undercard and a main event. Lead your fighters in through tunnels of smoke and put rocket launches on either side. Give fans Elune’s Candles to shoot at the fighters as they fight, showing their support for who they want to win. Make a role-playing event out of it!
  • For those who have fallen… Finally, and more within the spirit of the Lunar Festival, this is a great chance to ‘bring back’ any characters who have been declared dead within your setting. With a druid to ‘call the spirit of the dead’ and a single Elder’s Moonstone you can essentially hold a seance. (Have the character stand in the light and it looks like an elder.) Don’t underplay this – It can and should be highly emotional and difficult for those who loved the deceased, or those who hated him. Think everything you would want to ask them. Play it up.

Edit: Fixed title.


  1. “David Bowers (one of the two men who pretty much inspired me to blog role-play in the World of Warcraft)”

    Out of curiosity, who was the other one?

  2. Jim Moreno.

  3. Now there is a movie reference, luckily you abstained from mentioning the dreaded buckwheat.

    As for the entry, all great ideas. I particularly loved the use of the Elder’s Moonstone. And it should be said, that the same effect can be achieved with Elune Stones; which can be obtained all year long via the AH/personal transactions unlike the former.

    And I also just loved the AWF idea too. As those items definitely be a great addition to gladiatorial events as well.

  4. Aaaaah … Good call. Rolecraft is great, too.

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