Posted by: Sean | January 29, 2009

Katafray Project: The Reveal

Since Eme and Katafray are both level 10 and searchable now, we’ll confirm what some of you already knew: We’re playing on Thorium Brotherhood.

Why? Because of pure whimsy. We just picked it at random.

For now, we’re still not on much, because we’re tightly ordering our play for experiments sake, but if you see us around, feel free to say hi.

Next experiment soon, we promise.


  1. When will Fegari’s perspective be posted? I really like your project and I’m very interested in what you find out 🙂

  2. Leveling my priest seems to have freed me from my addiction to death knights, but I won’t be passing up an opportunity to skip the first 55 levels again.

    I’m about to roll the character as I type this. Whether I’ll actually get around to playing her before the heat death of the universe is uncertain, however.

    I don’t know if she’ll show up on the Armory until I log her in, but her name is “Tristaea,” not to be confused with the OTHER draenei death knight of that name, on Proudmoore, who is also me.

  3. zomg hai!

    Random fate has brought us together! Welcome to the role play void that is ThoBro.

  4. Fegari’s perspective is forthcoming; I hit a snag during our original experiment and have been trying to finish the process. Combine that with a busier-than-normal real-life obligation load, I’ve not had a tonne of time to get things sorted.

  5. Forgive me for the late comment and possibly asking a question that has already been answered somewhere, but do you intend to repeat the experiment Horde-side? I’d be curious to know if the comment about certain servers being “Horde” RP servers or “Alliance” RP servers is valid at all.

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