Posted by: Jess Riley | January 28, 2009

Do It Different: Complete?

Do It Different was one of our first ideas for a regular column here at Blogatelle (starting with only our twelfth post, I might note). After witnessing just one too many cliches, we decided to list off the basic archetypes currently in use for the different classes (or, in some cases, specs), along with a collection of new ideas for how to portray that class/spec. Finally, after a long time, we have completed pages for all the classes currently in the game.

However, we neither intend to stop here, nor do we encourage you to do the same. One of the important things in roleplay is keeping it fresh and changing it up a little; there’s no point in getting rid of a standard cliche, only to replace it with a different one. Always keep it new and interesting, guys! (But now, in the meantime, go right ahead to take our ideas. Let me know how the roleplay goes, too; I’ll totally get a kick out of it.)

For your ease of access, however, here they are: all the Do It Different columns to date.

Death Knight: Part One: Conjecture, Part Two.
Druid: Part One.
Hunter: Part One.
Mage: Part One.
Paladin: Part One.
Priest: Part One: Holy, Part Two: Shadow, Part Three: Discipline.
Rogue: Part One. Part Two.
Shaman: Part One. Part Two.
Warrior: Part One, Part Two.
Warlock: Part One.

You may notice that there are several with only one part; in the future, we may come back to this and add more. However, we also invite you to propose your own new ideas in response.


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