Posted by: Pixelated Executioner | January 27, 2009

Katafray Project Experiment #1; Asrai’s Perspective

I have to say that I was looking forward to this project with great interest. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to participate on an RP realm since before my days in EverQuest years ago (yes, I’m an old timer). When the time came to log in, I was actually rubbing my hands together with excitement; I couldn’t wait to give our new server a try.

Asrai popped up on the screen, and the first thing I did was run her into a remote, unused area of the Northshire Abbey so that she wouldn’t be engaged prior to the project start time. I chatted with Eme and Katafray in the meantime, getting a few clarifications, and following up on what were our instructions.

At the start time, the first thing I did was run out to see who was in the immediate area, and grab quests. I was a little shocked by what I saw.

Northshire Abbey's Fields

Northshire Abbey's Fields

Well, okay. Maybe if we turn a little bit…

Maybe over here?

Maybe over here?

Erm…  right.  Well, then…

Hey, someone besides me is here!

Hey, someone besides me is here!

I attempted to interact with this warlock, but was ignored completely. I moved on.

In front of Northshire Abbey, a rogue and mage were dueling. Cheering on the rogue (obviously), I congratulated him on his victory. The result? No roleplay, and he spammed me with duel requests until a vein bulged out on my forehead, and I had to put him on ignore just to continue with the project.

On the whole, Northshire Abbey was devoid of any roleplay. Interaction with any characters on any level was met with rude brushoffs or resulted in my being completely ignored. At one point, while I was stealthing through the caves in order to take out a few kobolds, one warrior running past noticed me and said “wut u doing?” before running off, not even bothering to wait for a reply.

I made it to level 5 without running across any discernible roleplay. Completely disappointed in Northshire Abbey, I steeled myself for the worst and headed to Goldshire.

Goldshire actually had a fair number of people (and I unfortunately forgot to snag a screenshot). I approached everyone I could, attempting to engage them in conversation, and aside from one Draenei Shaman kind enough to give directions in an RP fashion and one Human Paladin who carried on a conversation about his Polar Bear mount, Goldshire, too, was a disappointment.

I almost hit level 9 before I was hit with a pocket of lag and got dropped. Further attempts to log in resulted in my getting immediately kicked to the character screen, so I created a Draenei Death Knight, communicated my problems to Katafray, and ended up calling it an early night.

Overall, the human starting areas were a grand disappointment. I didn’t even run into the “Dreaded ERP-Monster” during my time there, which was a relief. Hopefully the next experiment will have better results.

Final Tally

Levels Gained: 7 and change
RP Attempts: 44
Ignores: 37
Polite brush-offs: 3
Rude brush-offs: 2
Characters roleplayed with: 2


  1. 44 and only two brief role-plays? Geeze. You got hard done by, Pix.

  2. Yeah, in a way, I guess I got the short stick. I’ll remain optimistic for level 10 and beyond, though.

  3. Man, that sucks. Humans are probably the Alliance race I play most often, and seeing such poor examples of player behavior (or lack thereof) … That’s just depressing.

  4. On the Silver Hand server, I actually encountered a few decent role-players. One I met before I started my first quest, and ended up teaming up with him for the rest of the time I was on that day. Though both Paladins, we ended up having an in-depth discussion on weapon tactics that evolved into a philosophical discussion on the Light and the differing ways we interpret being a Knight. In the next room were people having an in-depth discussion on how one’s past shades their future, and why one couldn’t be the man the other one wanted them to be.

    Surprisingly decent stuff, all around. Of course, I ran into more than a few people who ignored me or returned my attempts with LOL Speak gibberish, but still.

  5. I’m shocked. On ThoBro Goldshire is more commonly referred to as “Pornshire” and with good reason.

  6. Believe me, Oriniwen, I had heard that, and that’s why I was somewhat apprehensive about the server that was chosen, and my race assignment.

    Then when the “Roleplay with everyone” rule went out, my first thought was, “Please let the inn in Goldshire be empty.”

    Someone was looking out for me – it was.

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