Posted by: Jess Riley | January 23, 2009

World of Warcraft Terms of Service

There was a recent change to the terms of service, but you didn’t read it, did you? Be honest – you didn’t read it. You just scrolled right on down to the bottom of the page and clicked ‘accept’, didn’t you? Yeah, I thought so.

We’ve talked before about the naming policy and our opinions of it. Now, we’d like to take a moment to talk about some new aspects of the terms of service that you may not be aware of, and which aren’t strictly related to roleplay, but which will affect you on a daily basis.

1. While in Goldshire and Silvermoon, you must have both hands on the keyboard and/or mouse at all times. No, that’s not a mouse.

2. You may not listen to Huey Lewis & The News while playing World of Warcraft. Rick Astley is also off-limits. Approval to listen to Billy Ray Cyrus may be obtained by emailing the Blizzard Support Team.

3. The word ‘thou’ will not be tolerated in game, except when making fun of those wacky role-players.

4. GMs are permitted by this agreement to: Ignore any complaints you make, give misleading advice for their own amusement, and tell you that dude, the new patch will totally fix that bug. And have clowns.

5. Use of any addons permits us to blame them for any and all problems you might have with your interface, frame rate, connection speed, class imbalance, or personal relationships.

(This article was a compilation by Sean and Jess. Feel free to submit your own in the comments; and please, don’t really email Blizzard about Billy Ray Cyrus. They have enough on their hands already.)



  1. “and please, don’t really email Blizzard about Billy Ray Cyrus”

    God, I can see someone so doing that now. Look what you all did, lol. 😀

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