Posted by: blogatelle | January 21, 2009

Upcoming Theme Week(s): Open Call

It occurs to us here at Blogatelle that we don’t have a topic for the next theme week yet. So, it’s an open call to the readers. What topic would you like to see us tackle in upcoming theme weeks, that Sean can wax lyrical about and Jess can compare to some kind of lewd sexual practice?

Suggestions can be left in the comments of this post or can be emailed to



  1. I personally would like to see Jess try to find a connection between kobolds and porn.(You not take incent candle)^^.

    (please excuse any spelling errors)

  2. Well, since you already did classes then non-pc races as per the poll results from before. I say, why stop the trend. And go with politics next week then magic the following week.

    After that, if you all still manage to have no ideas for the next theme. Then that is when you should make an open call to us. 😉

  3. …class play files/breakdowns/examinations? Just a thought, says the obsessive druid.

  4. Mommacow: It’s not quite the same as the Play Files, but have you seen the Do It Different posts? It’s a series of short musings on different character archetypes that are outside the norm you could use for the different classes.

  5. Lore sources. We roleplayers of the WoW variety know all about and the official WoW site but what constitutes what is “canon” and what is not? Are there some hidden gems out there that we just don’t know about that you all do?

    Share your favorite lore sites or favorite lore stories that helps influence who and what you play.

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