Posted by: blogatelle | January 19, 2009

Administrative Notice: Holy cats. Hi, WoW Insider peoples. Also, theme week non-PC races.

First, a thank you to Allison Roberts for her incredibly positive writeup. There really are a lot of you, aren’t there?

By way of paying it forward, we at Blogatelle heartily recommend RP Made Simple‘s RP Survival Guide. It’s a wonderfully factual guide to role-playing and a terrific resource.

Finally, it is (of course) theme week Non-Player Races this week, wherein we will look at all the wild and wooly sentinent (but scripted) races in the wilds of Azeroth and Outland. I know Sean is itching to talk about the timbermaw, and one of the two damn well better look at the high elves at some point.

As always, we welcome your guest posts for theme weeks here. Feel free to send us your ideas, comments, criticism and feedback to


  1. Congrats to Sean, for having his series featured on WoW Insider. Its much deserved.

    And I hope with this, that more people find this place. As it has to be the best WoW role-play blog out there or at least the best I have seen.

  2. Grats on the mention in WoW Insider. The work your entire team does is great.

    Thank you all for the nod. *hugs*

    Keep up the outstanding work.

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