Posted by: blogatelle | January 17, 2009

The Play Files are Done!

Congratulations are in order to Sean: He’s completed the play file series. Well done, Sean.

For ease of reference, here are all the play files.

The Alliance

DraeneiDwarvesGnomesHumansNight Elves

The Horde

Blood ElvesOrcsTaurenTrollsUndead


  1. Those were some seriously interesting articles. Well written and fun to read. The quotes at the end of every race were a brilliant touch. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Congrats on finally finishing the series. And great job on all of them!

    I have definitely loved every single one. As Marc said, the quotes were an excellent touch in the series for sure. And I have always just loved the humor in them in particular, as they always can put a smile on my face if not make me straight up laugh.

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  4. Congrats! Those are indeed quality articles, with sound tips and advice throughout. Guess I should get to writing mine now, eh? 🙂

  5. Very good series, and some excellent viewpoints. However I would think that with the Deathknights having gone live, you might need to rethink the reactions to the class. Deathknights do not “choose” to be corrupted and risen, but much like the Forsaken, had it done against their will and were forced into that role. Only later do they start to recall who they were and even later still given the chance to turn on Arthas (For evidence of this, stick around the citadel when you first create a DK. Towards the back there’s a big guy with a couple of attendants resurrecting corpses and determining their viability to be turned into Deathknights. The fact he turns one away (random race) because they remember their past and summarily re-kills them because it was too early for that one makes the how unwilling the process was come to light. Further, a later mission where you meet and kill a prisoner of your same race and have a long discussion about who you were with them is the catalyst for starting your character for remembering their past.) This fact would surely change a lot of the perceptions around DKs, as they did not go to Arthas willingly. This I think would incur some “pity” for the DKs from other races, and in the hoard a certain level of respect for turning on Arthas (Perhaps from the Forsaken especially, who already knowing that plight means they would have the most respect for someone with the willpower to do it as well).

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  6. @ Jim Moreno

    Yes, get to writing yours. The more perspectives we have, the better. 😉

    @ Polecat

    While its true that most death knights had no choice in the matter, the truth is no one could possibly sort out which ones had no choice and which ones chose to become such. Then there is the question of just how free their will was, so even if they didn’t choose to become death knights; they still may of purposely did terrible things after the fact. And finally, they are undead. Which carries a very big stigma in the world.

    So while yes, the play files do paint the general picture of the death knights betraying their people, seeking power..etc. And while yes, they should be pitied. In the end, many will view them as bad guys with the limited knowledge they have. And even if they knew a death knight never chose the path they are on, their still undead and that makes them bad in most people’s book straight away. Because look at the forsaken, that everyone knows for an absolute certainty did not chose to be undead but they are still looked at with disgust, mistrust and even hate; mainly because they are undead.

  7. Hey Polecat!

    Yeah, pretty much. I was picking a different truth for them early on, and that didn’t end up being what Blizzard did. Later play files (like troll and draenei) end up focusing less on the ‘treachery’ idea, and more on the ‘otherness/painful history’ idea.

    The Death Knights aren’t gonna be accepted, but the later ones perhaps peg closer to the reason why.

    That said, I’m not going to redo the files. They are what they are, warts and all.

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  10. With WoW: Cat coming up, are we going to see palyfiles for Worgen, and Goblins?

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