Posted by: Jess Riley | January 9, 2009

A Couple of Quick Thoughts

One, I think it makes perfect sense that the number one search term of all time to find our blog is, in fact, ‘blogatelle’. However, the fact that number two is ‘blood elf sex’ says a lot either about us, or about our readers.

Two, every time the sex life of a character of mine is actually mentioned in roleplay, it’s in some way abnormal, dysfunctional, or just plain unhealthy. Does this say something about my intrinsic approach to roleplay? I really have to know.


  1. One, I’d say it says more about the internet in general than either of the other options.

    Two, I can’t help you. Again, this type of thing never really came up in City of Heroes. That’s a consequence of the people I played with. Given what you’d come up with if you were to take a dozen random characters from across my server, this may be for the best.

  2. I don’t think it’s abnormal at all! No one wants to hear about well-adjusted, normal characters. That’s boring. If your characters’ sex lives are mentioned, then obviously there’s a reason for it. That reason, more often than not, is that it’s somehow unusual or effed up.

    Most of the characters I play and/or write are pretty screwed up in many different ways. This makes them more interesting to me to portray, and more importantly, makes them react in a more genuine way.

    Mature Fantasy Roleplay

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