Posted by: Sean | December 11, 2008

Theme Week Class: Sneak like you stole it.

Just a short post today, sorry gang. But this is none the less an essential skill for any role-playing rogue or druid: Knowing how to look like you’re sneaking. It is, after all, the definitive rogue/cat druid skill. Since I play a rogue, this snippet is pretty roguetastic.

  • The middle of the hall is death. Guys, you can be seen there. Sure, the way that stealth works in Warcraft means that pretty much anywhere you stand is considered ‘stealthy’ but we’re role-players here. The middle of a hallway is not where you sneak.
  • Think in terms of cover. Think bushes, pots and columns. Think low-walls and the like. If you’re really getting into your role-play, use spring with stealth to swiftly bolt from point of cover to point of cover, stopping at each one and surveying your surroundings.
  • Height is good. This is doubly true when you’re playing a gnome rogue (tiny little tackers) but the basic principle remains true for any class: Nobody looks up (for a gnome). So if you can find a high ledge, a rooftop, etc. then use it!
  • Use distraction. Distraction can be used anywhere. That’s what’s so awesome about it. Even if it won’t work on your allies, use it anyway as a way to indicate that you are creating distractions and sneaking around people.
  • Use explosives if you got ’em. Same deal. Dynamite, fireworks, whatever you have that you can throw away from you is a distraction. Treat it like one and use it that way.
  • Watch your head. Last one: Do watch your head. There’s nothing quite so silly as sneaking behind a low wall and having your head pop out from over it. That said, using kneel while stationary and then popping up to look over something is indeed a great trick for a good, visual role-play session.


  1. And, most importantly, always, ALWAYS make a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series if it would be even remotely appropriate to the situation.

  2. I prefer Thief references.

    That said, any hunter who wears a headband ‘for extra ammo’ wins.

  3. …Any empty boxes/crates to hide “in”/behind…? >>

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