Posted by: Sean | December 4, 2008

Flightblogging: Some notes on playing with non-role players.

So, earlier, Saragil observed that she didn’t role-play on an RP server because she had an addiction to Death Knights and an inability to jump to an RP server. Maybe you’re just someone with lots of friends on a non-RP realm. Well, what RP can you do? A few suggestions:

  • Make some fun RP macros to set up a few random phrases and key it to a button you can easily press. Whenever you feel like it in combat, yell something like, “Rarr! You die now!”, “You are no match for the Alliance!” or “Stop it! Stop it! That really hurts!”
  • When you’re eating, make some minor notes like, “Hmmm. Yummy corn bread. My favorite.”
  • While waiting to go into a raid, pull out a mini-pet and use emotes to play with it. Alternatively, a heavy leather ball and start a game of some sort.
  • Or maybe our commentators will suggest something?

As a side note, I’m blogging from the air today. Hi.



  1. Last time I checked, I was very much male.

    Don’t ask for photographic evidence, because refusal often offends.

  2. On a more on-topic note, my method consists of vaguely in-character statements in party chat. It’s less like role-playing and more like not metagaming, but in an MMO, there’s not much difference.

  3. “Last time I checked, I was very much male.”

    Lol…. 😀

    As for the topic. I would say something you could do is bring up some lore now and then. Whether its about a place your in, a weapon you received, a quest your on or a creature you are fighting.

    And in addition, if your good at it then you might spark a friends interest in the lore as well…and soon they may become “one of us” and join you. Because everyone likes a good story after all.

    Plus, you could also use macros to play with your professions. Setting up stuff for when you succeed or fail. Or simply make phrases for related things like when skinning say something like, “Oo…your a smelly one” or if bandaging someone say “The blood is everywhere” or if your harvesting some herbs say “I love the smell of [insert herb]” or if making a device say “I hope I don’t turn into a furbolg again, my wife is still cleaning up all the fur from last time”….you get the point.

    And of course you could also use that for your classes as well.

  4. I tend to tell my husband and brother exactly what my character would do in a certain situation. It’s more developing her in my head than RP, but I do like to walk (yes, just walk) around Dalaran with my pet on a leash and show off my RP outfit. On a Normal PVP server. >_>

  5. The things you can do on a non-RP server as a roleplayer…

    Back when armor sets never matched, I used to make sure I picked up matching gear sets with each level upgrade (it got expensive). I’d walk by people, stop, look at them for a minute, and say, “Did you dress in the dark? Those pants don’t match your shirt.” Sometimes it got a laugh, other times it really upset people.

    I’ve taken to playing with my new penguin (exalted Kalu’ak! woo!) with a ball outside of instances that I want to run instead of going LFG. Oddly enough, I get more groups that way…

    Also, Sean, I tried setting up a game of Calvin Ball (for lack of a better term) on your rules from Blog Azeroth… It started out okay, but after a while, nobody cared about points, we just started butchering each other. The first experiment was a failure, but I have hope.

  6. My boyfriend is better at this than I am. He claims that his druid is a Night Elf who has mastered the art of “Tauren form” (we play Horde) and:

    – starts every boss fight in our 25 man raids with a “/rw FOR THE ALLIANCE!”
    – refuses to attack Alliance players (on our PvP server) except in self-defense
    – /mourns everytime a Horde group attacks the Alliance capitals (especially Darnassus) for the [For the Horde]! achievement
    – has been known to pick up the flag in EotS and run it to the Alliance

    It’s actually inspired some semi-RP in my non-RP guild, as other characters attempt to convince him that he’s no Night Elf — just a slightly delusional cow. 🙂

    Me, I tend to interact with NPC’s — talk back to quest givers, scold my demons, etc. All of my mounts and pets are named, and I’ll share little tidbits about them when partying with friends and guildmembers (“My kodo’s scared of heights so we’re going to take this climb nice and slow.” “I see you eyeing my mana wyrmling, Blood Knight! Don’t even think about it.”) It’s not real RP, just a little flavor of it to get me through …

  7. @ PoorHesva

    It must be so funny to play with that delusional cow, because really I don’t think it be possible for a druid to do that lol.

    As for what is “real” role-play. I say the moment you name your pet, have background on them and do the other things you do. I say that sure is role-play. Its just not the type that always interacts with others.

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