Posted by: blogatelle | December 1, 2008

Administration: Explaining the Next Week

This is Blogatelle.

The next week, unfortunately, will be a little stressed for this ‘blog. Sean will be vanishing for a number of days late in the week due to a business conference and Jess has just come off finishing her second novel for National Novel Writing Month. (Please place any congratulations in the comments.) As such, we’re choosing to extend Theme Week Undead for three more days, since Jess has more to say, and Sean will be gone for half of the upcoming week.

After that, there will be a few days of themelessness, and on Monday (as usual) we will have a new theme.

And we want you to pick it.

In addition to congratulations, include any themes you wish to nominate in comments. We’ll put up a poll with the options tomorrow.



  1. I don’t know about the next theme week but I was hoping for a round up post on Draenei like I’ve seen for most (all?) the other races.

    What they think of the other races and classes that is.

  2. The Draenei Play File will happen. Like the Blood Elves, they were covered before I had the idea for the play files, so they got put on the back burner. And things are a bit hectic for me right now.

    But it will happen.

  3. My last comment was only a question, but if you actually want my OPINION, then I’d suggest a series on classes.

    It seems the most intuitive thing, and even though you’ve already done Do It Differents on some (most?) of them, what could some additional coverage hurt?

    Granted, it could be hard to come up with a full week of material on the more generic classes, like warriors or rogues, but genericness means flexibility, which means plenty of ground for alternate archetype interpretations. Or DOING IT WRONG!, for the more cynically-inclined.

  4. First, I like to say kudos to Jess for participating in nanowrimo and actually managing to finish the novel on time. Because, I can’t imagine how difficult it be to do all that in just a month. And I do hope you do well. Course even if you don’t win anything, you still pulled off something few could truthfully do. And that alone is something to be proud of.

    As for themes in the future. I think the class idea while good in theory, is a bit too problematic as doing a complete week on one class be pretty hard. However, if you were to say lump similar classes together per week like druids/shamans, mages/warlocks, paladins/death knights, warriors/rogues and the other two that don’t fit together well lol. Then you could manage to fill out an entire week nicely. Course you all did do a theme week on pirates, and that shows you can pull off doing a class per week.

    I also think magic be a great theme to do. You could talk about the effects of types of magic, how magic would feel when using it and getting hit by it, magical addiction and lots more I’m sure.

    Plus you could do one week on professions. Going over how one could use their professions for role-play, how they could do each profession..etc.

    And you could always have a “wrap up” week where you tie up loose ends of other weeks, where you got too busy or whatever and couldn’t properly do a week at the time.


    Well, that’s it from me for now.

    And remember, us second-stringers exist for a reason. So if you all get swamped, and need help. I am willing to help you all to the best of my ability. As its the least I could do, with all the wonderful stuff I have enjoyed here. 🙂

  5. Agreed, Alex. And thousand-and-one apologies for the lack of posts; I’ve been meaning to finish off “that one,” but classes have been piling on work that I’ve then been procrastinating to the last minute. *cough* Yeah. Go me.

    Anyway! I’d /love/ to see a theme week on classes, since I play a few… unconventional… characters:

    A “relatively good” warlock who sees his demons (even the nathrezim he’s life-bound to) as companions rather than slaves.

    A “priest” who gets his “spells” from his various inventions/tinkering devices, rather than any “real” power. (He’s also Griftah’s brother.)

    Just to name a few. OR! Maybe a theme week on NPC races? For example, what sort of influence would a man who woke up, sans a good chunk of non-nerubian-torture/experimentation-related memory… hm. Okay. Lost my train of thought, but… What about how being raised by/exposed to RACE A influence a person?

  6. I did just also want to add that I apologise for my lack of posting since finishing NaNoWriMo. I’ve been in a place since then where the words just aren’t coming (I used them all up and need to recuperate). Posting as normal will resume from tomorrow, however.

  7. Congratulations Jess! As a fellow Nano (I finished too, yay!) I know exactly what kind of wild ride it is. I don’t think I’ve ever accomplished anything that was quite so satisfying, though. Hope your journey was just as rewarding. 🙂

  8. “I did just also want to add that I apologise for my lack of posting since finishing NaNoWriMo. I’ve been in a place since then where the words just aren’t coming (I used them all up and need to recuperate). Posting as normal will resume from tomorrow, however.”

    Hey, that is perfectly understandable. And its not like we didn’t already know you be a bit distracted anyways. So don’t worry too much, and great job on completing the novel!

    …you too Seri

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