Posted by: Sean | November 30, 2008

Theme Week Undead: Beautiful Places to Die (Part two, Silverpine Forest, Hillsbrad and Others)

It’s only after going through this for a while that you realise how massive Lordaeron actually was. Tirisfal Glades, the Plaguelands and Silverpine Forest are all part of the old Lordaeron, but so are the less ravaged Hillsbrad Foothills. It was a massive, extensive empire laid almost entirely to waste by the Scourge.

In addition, I actually missed two towns in my last attempt at this, so I’ll begin with them this time. After that, we’ll head into Silverpine Forest. This is where the Scourge invasion finally began to peter out; the two main locales where you could have come from both had (to varying degrees) successful defenses, even though the surrounding countryside was obliterated. Then, we’ll stop where the Scourge did, the Hillsbrad Foothills. (A brief forewarning, this particular zone is annoyingly difficult to find much on, lore wise.) This area marks the end of old Lordaeron, and is where the Scourge finally ended their run of terror. Finally, we’ll look at a place where anything may be possible.

New Avalon and Havenshire (Eastern Plaguelands, Instanced):

History: To be fair, I’ve yet to play a Death Knight, so I’ve yet to encounter these two towns. (And if I get any details wrong, I apologise.) We don’t actually know a huge amount about them before the Scourge attacked them, but both seem to be small coastal towns south of Tyr’s Hand. It seems likely that both were rural with a main dependency on farming and fishing for their survival. Both probably fed the town of Tyr’s Hand and were protected by its soldiers.

Possible Professions: Priest, shopkeeper, fisherman, fishwife, farmer, leatherworker, sailor.

Death and Destruction: Razed by the Scourge, not the Plague. Go play a Death Knight for the full story.

Ambermill (Silverpine Forest)

History: Ambermill was a lumber town in Lordaeron, providing a great deal with the wood for the kingdom. It also had a decent number of farmers (we can see pumpkins and farm fields in the area). Isolated and small, it was almost certainly fairly insular and unwelcoming to outsiders, but likely had a few dealings with Pyrewood Village. (It’s close by, so that makes sense.)

Possible Professions: Lumberjack, machinist, farmer, town priest.

Death and destruction: Not so much a destruction as a slow withering away. When the Scourge attacked the Silverpine area, the Kirin Tor mysteriously leapt to the defense of Ambermill (it turned out the town had mystical importance) in what surely must have been a baffling point for the local villagers. As such, both the plague and the Scourge were kept strongly at bay, and the town survived. However, when the Third War ended, the plague had obliterated Silverpine and it no longer became safe to live there. While some townsfolk remain, the majority of the town’s inhabitants now are the Kirin Tor. The rest most likely fled to Southshore.

This, of course, makes it a curious choice to have come from before you died. There’s plenty of scope for a character to have contracted the plague outside the town somehow, but if you did grow up here, then your town remains alive, yet still inaccessible to you. How do you cope with this?

Pyrewood Village (Silverpine Forest)

History: A small farming village, but one given extra importance due to the proximity to Silverlaine Keep and Baron Silverlaine. As such, it likely also had a small community of artisans who earned money from selling their wares to the Silverlaine family. The town was likely accustomed to receiving guests of the Baron as well, so you should expect townspeople from here to be surprisingly well-mannered and educated despite their humble origins. It’s a nice place to be from if you want to make your character a nicer-than-average Forsaken.

Possible Professions: Tailor, metalcrafter, leatherworker, farmer, potter.

Death and destruction: Destroyed by Worgen. As the Scourge continued onwards, this town was the subject of determined resistance from a number of groups. The last of these groups was the Kirin Tor, who assigned the Archmage Arugal who, in one of his less bright moves, summoned worgen from another dimension to fight the Scourge. It worked, they killed the Scourge armies and quickly moved onto the townsfolk. Driven mad with rage and guilt, he adopted the worgen like big, murderous puppy dogs.

Much like Ambermill, coming from here requires an explanation as to why you fell to the Plague, since the area didn’t actually die. Your best bet is to, again, say you were out of town. Fleeing to Southshore is probably the best bet, and you could have been cut down on the way through.

One of numerous farms. (Silverpine Forest)

History: Not everyone grew up in a town. Silverpine Forest has a number of isolated farms. If you grew up on one of these, you were likely part of a small group of families who all worked the same land together, with limited social experience beyond this. That is, you’re a hick. This is a good choice for someone who wants to play an unusual character with the Forsaken, the isolated experience allows for a wide number of quirks, and it’s an uncommon choice.

Possible Professions: Farmer, mainly.

Death and destruction: You pretty much have to come up with it yourself, depending upon where you place yourself. If you’re using one of the farms that are set, look at the WoWWiki article for hints, but the lore is slender enough that you have a lot of freedom.

Hillsbrad, Tarren Mill and elsewhere (Hillsbrad Foothills)

History: The edge of the Lordaeron Kingdom, Hillsbrad is unfortunately one of the less well defined areas in World of Warcraft. However, it was one of the key points of the Second War, meaning that the entire zone is an excellent choice for any Forsaken who wants to tie his identity into the earlier history of Azeroth. Hillsbrad was a key town during the Second War, invaded and destroyed by the trolls before being rebuilt again. Tarren Mill is notable for its proximity to the Lordaeron Internment Camps created following the second war.

Possible Professions: Guardsman at the camps, farmer, soldier.

Death? Destruction? Sadly, we just don’t know. We don’t even know where Hillsbrad was rebuilt, but it must have been destroyed again. We don’t know about any specifics regarding Tarren Mills defeat, but we know it was destroyed by the Scourge after the Battle of Mount Hyjal, In short, you’re pretty much on your own regarding specifics if you were from Hillsbrad, but we do know you probably saw most of the war before you died. It’s a good place for those who want to tie into the Second War, who have memory problems or for players who want a bit more flexibility than other locations offer. But then, if you want flexibility, may we suggest…

Northern Lordaeron (Northern Lordaeron)

History: Who knows? Plague and Scourge probably got it.

Possible Professions: I dunno. Farmer usually works.

Death and destruction: A big fat shrug. We know nothing about this zone, because it’s locked away. This means, for role-players, that it’s a nice final catch-all. If you want to be from somewhere ‘as yet unmentioned’, just say it’s in Northern Lordaeron. Nobody can ever tell you you’re wrong.


  1. The Scarlet Enclave, including New Avalon and Havenshire, is also in the non-instanced Eastern Plaguelands.

    As I recall, you can look out on it from Acherus’ balcony. It’s just not in any recognizable form. It’s completely desolate and the ground looks to be burned, or possibly blighted, entirely black. The Scourge was, if nothing else, thorough.

    You may or may not still be able to actually get there through Tyr’s Hand or Death’s Breach and walk around. I’ve never tried, but when you could, it was devoid of all NPCs. Weird. Eerie.

    Oh, and this seems like as good a place to ask as any: once you run out of playable races, what’re your theme weeks going to be about? Classes? Professions? Miscellaneous things like romance and pirates?

  2. Nice wrap up. I really enjoyed the idea of this entry, so good job!

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