Posted by: Sean | November 27, 2008

Did I take a pop-culture reference too far?

Jess wants to know: When my undead warrior yelled at a Death Knight, “Hey, hey, hey DK! How many kids have you killed today?”; was I going too far for a pop-culture reference, even within the somewhat loose standards for pop-culture riffing Warcraft provides?

I’ll try to have the Troll Play File up in the next couple of days. Patience, patience.


  1. HA! Take that, Jess! 9-3 so far! My LBJ reference was just FINE AND DANDY.

  2. One of the fundamental tenets of how I played my characters in City of Heroes was that there was no such thing as a bad reference to popular culture. Amazingly, this never came back to haunt me.

    At least, it hasn’t yet.

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