Posted by: Jess Riley | November 19, 2008

Theme Week Troll: Shamanism vs. Voodoo, and Quality in Bed

Blogatelle seems to think that I’m some kind of sex-maniac who only cares about the quality of the different races in bed. So, Blogatelle, you want me to write about how the fuzzy trolls are better lovers? You’re on.

The first question is, ‘better in bed than what?’. I’m going to assume the implication is ‘better lovers than any of the other Horde’, so I’ll run with that.

They are, for starters, but don’t think of this as too flattering. You see, the tauren would squash any reasonably-sized person, the blood elves spend their whole times looking in the mirror at themselves, and the orcs have a heavy history of D/S relationships – and while that’s good for some, I think we’re talking about universal appeal. I’m not even going to go into the Forsaken.

So, yes, I daresay the trolls are better in bed.


That isn’t the point of this post, though; I just wanted to get that out of the way up-front. I never have been one to turn down a challenge, and that may just be the downfall of me one day.

What I did want to talk about is the little matter of voodoo vs. shamanism. Everyone associates the trolls with voodoo, and why not? They’ve had that tradition for countless years before anyone else in the Horde showed up, while shamanism has only been around for as long as the orcs have.

However, there’s a lot more going on than just this. When I mentioned in my post on weddings by race that I felt that modern trolls would have a very shamanistic style, there was some disagreement from the readers. After all, they don’t have a history of shamanism, and they’ve only just recently adopted it – why would shamanism come into their ceremonies already?

The reason for my difference of opinion, here, comes down to the history of the trolls and the orcs together. It’s not a long history, by any means, but it’s an important one. The trolls have always had a very dark legacy, of cannibalism, savagery, and all kinds of other things that the orcs, under Thrall in particular, find undesirable.

During Thrall’s exodus from Lordaeron, the Horde rescued the Darkspear tribe (ie, the playable trolls), and the Darkspear trolls allied themselves with the Horde in gratitude. As a whole, they now deny this dark legacy of theirs, and some aspects of it like cannibalism are downright illegal in the Horde. Although they are clearly closest to the orcs of any of the races, there is still an element of mistrust between them; a lot of the orcs, in particular, are mistrustful of any troll who makes a move towards the ‘old ways’.

But what does this have to do with voodoo vs. shamanism? Well, the orcs (in particular) associate voodoo with the old traditions that they want to steer the Darkspear trolls away from, particularly cannibalism. As such, while there are still many voodoo priests around, any troll who still openly associates with these beliefs and practices will be mistrusted by the orcs and actively discouraged from this course of action by those trolls who want to change their ways and be accepted.

This means that while there is still some struggle within the trolls – factions within the Darkspear tribe who don’t want to completely give up the old ways and become assimilated, and those who do, for various reasons – the primary, open beliefs that they practice and associate with will be the shamanistic beliefs that they have taken from the orcs. Any public ‘ceremony’, like a wedding, will probably be more influenced by these new ideas. Voodoo rituals will still happen, but there will be an element of secrecy about them, even by those who don’t think they ought to have anything to be ashamed of; it’s not quite as accepted anymore, it’s going to be more underground.

That’s not to say there won’t be some overlap of the two; voodoo and ‘the old ways’ have been a part of the culture for so much longer, there is going to be a considerable influence. Things aren’t going to operate in the same way, there will be differences.

However, the key point here is that a lot of things associated with voodoo and the other old practices of the trolls will be secreted underground, not put out in the open for everyone to see.



  1. “there was some disagreement from the readers”

    I never thought the voices in my head put me in the plural haha!

    And as for them being better lovers. Of course they are, you can just tell looking at them and its not like we don’t know they’re already freaky lol.

    But onto the topic at hand. I now see what you mean, when you said their ceremonies be more shamanistic. Course, their voodoo is pretty much a different kind of shamanism sans the totems. But even with that, like a lot of things of their old ways, its kept on the down low now.

  2. I would dare say trolls have to be better lovers than essentially every other race period, unless the dranei have some sort of blue tentacle kama sutra they arent telling anyone about. . . I think the main problem with this is the very loose definition of Voodoo that wow has right now. . . one could argue that any mana (mojo) based class is performing some sort of voodoo to the average troll. Mages “hex” with poly, shadow priests have the mindcontrol thing. Things like alchemy and maybe to a lesser extent inscription and enchanting could also be voodoo.

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