Posted by: Sean | November 15, 2008

Randomly: WoW Insider nails it.

As you know, I was a huge fan of the zombie event. I thought it was brilliant. That said, it was absolutely not perfect. WoW Insider beautifully dissects what it did right and wrong. Since these sorts of events are the best chance Blizzard has of really crafting events for role-players, it’s a good thing to know about and to hope Blizzard does it better.

For my money, the key two issues were timing and permanence. I’m fine with the lore being a bit skewey, that can be fixed later; and I think Mike is utterly wrong in wanting Arthas to have appeared this early – He shouldn’t be blowing his wad this quick. The ‘Herald of Arthas’ was fine. But definitely, there was a sense that the zombie plague could go on and go forever (which actually is kind of cool for immersion, but it was a bad choice) and that nothing changed is just flat out wrong. After the plague, there should have been notably missing people, if nothing else.


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