Posted by: Sean | November 12, 2008

Thursday beckons…

So what is your character doing about it? Here’s a whole bunch of stuff you and your clan should be role-playing right now.

  • Fighting off huge honking ice dragons. In case you hadn’t noticed, Stormwind and Orgrimmar are under attack! If you’re 70, by the Light, get out there and start fighting them off. And role-play it! Yell back and forth to each other. Call for engineers to prop up the failing buildings! Once the battle is ended, get your medics wandering around to check that the workers are all right. You only get a few days to turn this into a role-playing event, so do it!
  • Saying goodbye to loved ones. At this point, it’s clear that Northrend is about to become a major battle front. Thrall has declared war, as has Varian Wrynn. Soldiers are spending their last few days with those they love. Even if you’re in love with another adventurer (that is, a PC) you should be still taking your time to say goodbye. Nobody knows what might happen in Northrend.
  • Live up the high life. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die! Get together a group of the guys and go on a drunken rampage of a major city. If anyone asks, scream that they’re all gonna be dead tomorrow. Do it right and you’ll put a chill into everyone’s spine.
  • Prepare. Rations? Check. Bandages? Check. Ammunition? Check. Quartermasters and guild leaders could put in a role-playing event of packing equipment and supplies for the upcoming campaign. Don’t treat this as a minor event of just yelling out ‘check’ every so often; these events can be tense. It’s here where it all becomes reality, so there’s a lot of opportunity for fear, hope, and worry. It’s a potentially great role-play event. (It’s also one that cheerfully even non-70s can take part in.)
  • Pray. Finally, get your entire guild out to Stormwind Cathedral or the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior and have your top priest or shaman bless every one of them for battle. Lead them in prayer. Alternatively, get yourself out to Uther’s Tomb in Western Plaguelands, or The Monument to Grom Hellscream and give thanks for those who have fought before, and pray for their guidance ahead.

You only get one shot at this, guys. There’s only two more days before the World of Warcraft changes forever. Mark this moment with a role-play event and do it now.


  1. Damn, there is a lot of stuff going on. Loved that bear cavalry. 😀

    And, those are some really great ideas from you! Course, that is just the start of the plethora of ideas one could implement during this fun. Its just a shame most of the fun is restricted to the higher level players. But hey, they’ve earned such fun by getting to those levels.

  2. Well, not necessarily restricted, Alex. Sure, a level one couldn’t go out and beat up one of those big ol’ aboms., but you could always host the supply gathering in Goldshire or somesuch. Can’t forget about Stormwind’s convenient chapel (which, due to being Horde, I’m not sure about the status of at the moment…), either, for religious ceremonies.

    Hell, even get some people together and have a big, long, massive, MLK-esque motivational speech! ^^ I plan on doing one tonight, hopefully.

  3. Oh yes, there are lots of stuff lowbies could do for sure. Especially, if many of them made some real effort and/or got a helping hand by the higher level players.

    I think what I meant before when I said, “most of the fun” I meant most of the perceived fun of the current situation which be fighting the Frost Wyrms and Aboms of course.

    I guess at that moment, the perspective of general players entered my mind lol.


    Also I see you are gonna be a new guest blogger, hope you have lots of fun! 😀

  4. *cough* Thanks, Alex! I’ll certainly try. ^^; Expect my articles to be re-submitted for approval about six times… >>;;;


    And is the Frostwyrm/Abom thing really that fun? Sure, seeing the scripted event’d be nice, but it’s a shame that the undead don’t spawn /everywhere/ in the city, to lessen the lag on that one spot, y’know?

  5. Your welcome, though I am a guest blogger myself. So I have no part in the approval process. And I guess that is a good thing, with what you just said haha!

    As for the frost wyrm/abom thing. Well, any time there is an event, the masses I think more so like the fact they can fight [insert baddie] and the other stuff; is just a nice addition. Where as us role-players mostly take things the opposite way lol.

  6. Ahh… Makes sense, and yeah, I knew y’were a guest! ^^ I’ve read some of yer stuff, very nice.

    Shame that nobody like Prince Valanar/Keleseth came, though… A /real/ razing, not just some angry undead dragons and fleshy constructs…

  7. Ah, I wish I could take part in this event properly, but alas, I currently only play on a non-RP server. Have fun, and give ’em one for me.

  8. Maybe you should try rolling on an RP server? Like Moon Guard-US! …assuming it’s not locked… *cough*

    And I’d ‘give ’em one for you,’ but I can’t even get off a single curse in the midst of it all. ><

  9. I plan on rolling on an RP server sometime – you can blame this very blog for that – but I have a duty to my Proudmoore character roster. For now, at least.

  10. Guild duty, I take it?

  11. No, just the personal kind. I have at least two level 70s and a Death Knight to get to 80, and I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t.

  12. Hehe, well said, well said.

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