Posted by: Joy | November 12, 2008

Theme Week Tauren: Your Tribe and You

Alright, before I begin, I’ve a slight disclaimer. This is my first post on Blogatelle, and I’m slightly nervous. But, oh well, let’s begin! [Blogatelle’s note: Welcome to the guest blogging chair, Joy. Don’t be nervous. We’re… friendly, here.]

It’s no secret that tauren are divided into tribes, much like how Orcs are grouped into clans. However, most people, at least from my knowledge don’t actually specific what tribes their particular tauren is from. So let’s take a deeper look at the various tribes, and maybe help some people out.

Bloodhoof: Perhaps the most famous of the tribe, what with Cairne ruling over Thunder Bluff and his son, Baine Bloodhoof, leading Bloodhoof Village. I’ve seen a few Bloodhoof Tauren roleplayed before, but not many. They seem to be a powerful, noble tribe; other tauren would likely respect a Bloodhoof based on the name alone. They‘d also likely be leaders or aspiring leaders, like their relatives. However, this is just the generalization from the few Bloodhoof NPCs we actually see in-game; for example, a Bloodhoof could be coward with no real care for leading.

Dawnstrider: We don’t have a terrible amount of information on the Dawnstriders, but WoWWiki states that these tauren tend to be lighter brown in hue. I’ve never seen anyone actually roleplay a Dawnstrider tauren, probably due to the fact that their only NPCs are found as vendors, enchanters, and trainers in the least-visited Horde cities. Based on what their NPCs do around Thunder Bluff, they’re like a typical, yet somewhat open-minded (Due to the enchanting factor) tribe. If you’re looking for a tribe that doesn’t have too many stereotypical traits attached to it, the Dawnstrider tribe could be a good choice.

Grimtotem Clan: Oh sweet, sweet happiness. Right, then. Grimtotem. Okay, first off, the Grimtotem still consider themselves a “clan” as opposed to a “tribe,” unlike most of the tauren, which immediately shows their ‘different’ nature. I find that I’ve seen the most Grimtotem roleplayers, probably due to their rather extensive story, well-known nature, and infamous history. They have a distinctive color, Grimtotems are always completely black, although not all black tauren are Grimtotem. They, in my opinion, seem like a supremacist group, although this may not be true of all of them. They seek to eliminate the ’lesser races’ from Kalimdor, and feel that Cairne’s alliance with Thrall was foolish; some even say that Magatha, the leader of the Grimtotem, has been attempting to stage a coup and overthrow Cairne. They also seem to have a connection to the Forsaken, or perhaps Scourge, as some of the Grimtotem-related quests involve dealing with rogue apothecaries, intercepting messages from potential Forsaken (or Scourge), and traveling to Undercity to speak to the Royal Apothecary Society’s members, who aren’t exactly the most trustworthy bunch. The Grimtotem also show the most desire to ‘cure’ the Forsaken of their condition, but skeptics believe that Magatha and her lot may actually use the knowledge of poisons from Undercity to… well, as stated above, overthrown Cairne. Alright, before this gets any longer… Grimtotem are likely to be brutal, violent, prone to anger, etc. Once again, however, this is the general rule. I’ve seen people play perfectly ‘normal’ Grimtotem clan members. On to the next tribe!

Mistrunner: According to WoWwiki, the Mistrunner clan is “a tribe of druidic tauren. They seek to heal the earth and ease the suffering of the Earthmother.” Based on their NPCs, the Mistrunner Tauren seem to be the epitome of ‘live off the fat of the land,’ type of people. All, save for three, of their in-game tribesmen (and tribeswomen) involve cooking, fishing, making breads, preparing meat, or gathering fruit and vegetables. These tauren seem to be very nurturing, since one of those aforementioned three is a druid trainer. They also seem to have a rather father/mother nature, what with their gathering and preparing of food, walking around for hours on end to hand it out for a measly few coppers, and continuing on that path, day after day.

Ragetotem: The Ragetotem live up to their name; being the warriors of the tauren, this tribe has the privilege of their NPCs making up the entirety, save for one, of tauren warrior trainers. They also serve as many of Thunder Bluff’s smiths, battle masters, and guards. They’re likely a good deal beefier [Blogatelle Note: You’re on notice, Joy.] than your average tauren, even in the case of women and children. They used to be under the lead of Sark Ragetotem, but since the events of Thunder Bluff’s founding after the Third War, they’ve sworn allegiance to Cairne.

: The druids of tauren society, the Runetotem tribe is led by Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem. The Runetotem tribe are the leaders of druidic society, and likely have many members within the Cenarion Circle, Cenarion Expedition, and perhaps even D.E.H.T.A. I could personally see many Runetotem tauren being seen as wise, even in their younger years; also, they’d likely be less muscular than the more combat-oriented Grimtotem or Ragetotem.

Skychaser: If Runetotem tauren are leaders of the druidic part of tauren society, then the Skychasers are leaders of the shamanistic portion. Oddly, WoWWiki states that the Skychasers are in fact taunka, as opposed to Tauren. Moving on, the build of a Skychaser would be similar to a Runetotem, with some exceptions, as usual; neither of the Skychaser or Runetotem seem to have any tribe members who deal with melee combat a lot. As taunka rather than normal tauren, they’re probably not best for player characters.

: The Stonehoof tauren is the common man of society. They’re the villagers, the bluffwatchers, the miners; they have people in everything ranging from simple commoners, to miners, to smiths. Their specialties lie within the earth itself, as many of their people are mining trainers. A typical Stonehoof would be interested in geology, mining, perhaps even archaeology, and probably be larger and ‘rougher’ than most Tauren of similar age from other tribes.

Once again, this is only a general example of what you could do if you were to roleplay a tauren from one of these tribes. Feel free, however, to think outside the box. Take, for instance, a calm Grimtotem, or a Bloodhoof who gives a Ragetotem a run for their proverbial money in a fight.

This concludes this first portion of the “Your Tribe and You” article. I didn’t want this to become too long and rambling, being my first article and all. Look for the second, and final, portion of this tomorrow.


  1. “They’re likely a good deal beefier [Blogatelle Note: You’re on notice, Joy.]”

    Haha..oh the smile that appeared on my face. But hey it could of been worse, like saying [insert tribe] are grade a [insert class] lol.

    “I didn’t want this to become too long and rambling, being my first article and all. Look for the second, and final, portion of this tomorrow.”

    I don’t think you should mind doing something long, especially since you only had 4 tribes left. Then again, I am one to ramble and do long posts as seen by some of my replies in comments haha!

    As for the entry itself. It could use some improvements but its still a good first start. Can’t wait to see the rest of this and whatever else you may do this week & thereafter.

  2. Woo! My first post and it didn’t get lambasted! ^^;

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