Posted by: Sean | November 10, 2008

Great Moments in Role-Play #1: You’re despicable.

Welcome to yet another semi-regular column here at Blogatelle. Sometimes, wonderful exchanges occur in role-play. We all want to share them with others. If you have a short, pithy moment of amusing, profound or otherwise excellent role-play (or even, if it’s particularly good, an extended session) send it to and we’ll post it up here. Let us know if you’d like us to change your names, or if you’d instead like us to not only name you, but link to your WoW Armory page. We’ll happily do either.

For now, here’s an entry from Jess and myself, names changed to protect the guilty. This one is a case-study in how to do an extended pop culture reference. Our characters are in the Hinterlands.

Sally: Baron? What are you doing out here?
Madame! Today we hunt gryphons. Be very, very quiet.
Sally: Gryphons? But baron, it’s wolf hunting season, not gryphon hunting season.
Larry: Gryphon season!
Sally: Wolf season!
Larry: Gryphon season!
Sally: Gryphon season!
Larry: Wolf season TALLY HO! [At this point, Larry charges a random wolf]
* Sally lets forth a peal of laughter.



  1. Haha! Course, I doubt younger players get those pop culture references; unless they managed to watch some Looney Tunes reruns of course.

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