Posted by: Sean | November 7, 2008

Theme Week Orc: A Bizarre Realisation

Take US election. Add obsessive thinking about orcs.


Seriously, think about it. He’s a progressive reformer who has made dealing with sexism one of his priorities. He’s big on equal opportunity and confronting racial prejudice.

On the other hand, he’s tough on drugs. It’d be easy to call him a hawk, too, but he’s actually expanded the orcish definition of Warchief, so I don’t think that counts.

I’m now waiting to hear if he supports progressive taxation.



  1. Course he is a liberal, and its best for the Horde as a whole that he is. Because if he wasn’t such, the Horde may not have the blood elves, and perhaps even the undead in their ranks.

    In the end, he understands the Horde needs to grew and evolve, to possibly stay capable of truly competing with the Alliance. If he would of been more like a normal orc, I can say there probably be no Horde right now. And if there was one, it would be no where near as powerful, to the point the Third War may of not gone the way it ultimately did. Which mean, the Burning Legion may of not been defeated and all hell quite literally, would of broken loose on Azeroth.

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