Posted by: Pixelated Executioner | November 7, 2008

The Katafray Project: The Design of Asrai

asraiYes, Blogatelle, I know.  It’s been a while since the last post, and I know I was supposed to have this ready to go already, but you know how it is, right?  You get so many projects on your plate, and then you get sick, and…

*pauses, looks slightly left and notices readers*

Oh, @#$%.  I’m live, aren’t I?

*waves*   Hey, guys!

Last time, I went over the character concept with you all, and now it’s time to give you guys some insight on how I translated my character concept into her character design.

You might not like how this turns out.

See, the problem is, the more I think about it, the more I realize that there are no insights.  There are no hidden agendas, no clever comparisons between the character and the way she looks, no real rhyme or reason for her piercings (or lack thereof).

I tend to choose character features based on what feels right, something that fits a mental image of the character I plan to play. 

In Asrai’s case, I knew two things from the outset that absolutely had to be accounted for, and that the rest would just fall into place.  One; Asrai spends a reasonable amount of time outdoors, so her skin needs at least a modest amount of color.  Two; There has to be some reason that her mother associated her with faeries.  Something unique.  My father’s side of the family comes from a long line of Irishmen, and if anyone knows the legends of the Sidhe, it’s them.  Being Irish typically means you have red hair (I missed out on that, unfortunately), so that solidified the choice for me – the uniqueness comes from about 2% of the population of the world having red hair.  I chose to give her a shorter hairstyle, simply due to practicality – she works in gardens and fields all day, and long hair would be a hindrance.

Unfortunately, as far as clothing goes, Asrai’s choices are pretty limited as a Rogue.  Rogue equipment is always dark, and to tell the truth, Asrai prefers lighter colors.  She’ll just have to keep some comfortable dresses tucked away.



  1. Hey, no one has to go all out in detail to their character’s appearance. And truthfully, sometimes it can be better. But nonetheless, what you chose seems to fit your character very well.

    As for the clothing dilemma, you seem to have due to her class. You could always, get some nice clothes to fit her personality(I say working/more practical outfits be a must) and have them tucked away as you said. And only opt to wear rogue clothing when doing rogue things, because there is a reason why they mostly wear darker colors. As rogues need to blend into the shadows and what not after all.

    “I missed out on that, unfortunately”
    I never heard a person, regretting not getting red hair. Usually, its the other way around lol.

  2. Thanks, Alex. 🙂

    (And the redheads in my family managed to sneak out without the freckles common to the hair color, and the red is much darker than usual. Definitely not Carrot Top red, thank [insert preferred deity/belief structure here].)

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