Posted by: Sean | November 2, 2008

Open Thread: Speculation on the Scourge Plague

Y’know, we’ve never done this before, so let’s do one. This is an open thread. Comment away as much as you want on this topic: What will be the fallout of the Scourge plague, now that it’s been more or less resolved? Which races lost the most from it? Which races came out better? What will the political fallout be for any particular race? Are we about to see guards ranks swell as people rush to avenge the fallen, or are there going to be deserters everywhere?

Give us your lore speculation. What is happening right now somewhere in Azeroth or Outland?



  1. You know, apart from the intense terror that was put upon the Forsaken, I think the resurgance of the Plague will cause a distinct rift between two main groups within the Forsaken, but will bring each the members of each of these groups closer together.

    Think about it; the Forsaken are largely split between the ones who are trying to create a new plague, and the ones who are violently against that and just working to decimate the Scourge alongside the Argent Dawn. I don’t know how split amongst the NPC population it is (what proportion are in favour of the new plague), but I know a lot of the playerbase that does think to take a moral stance moves against the new plague.

    A lot of them who were always against the new plague will now be thinking, “See, look at the trouble your lot are causing!”, and they’ll have received some new converts of those who aided and abetted with the creation of the new plague (eg. my Undead character) who only now realise the horror and scope of what a new plague would mean. These people would be drawn even closer together by what has happened, but the other group, those in favour of the new plague, will be strongly against this and closer together in turn.

    I don’t know; I may just be rambling. What do you think – does my point have merit?

  2. My concern is, what’s next?

    The Horde and the Alliance were able to (for the most part) set aside their differences and work on beating back this plague. A great victory for us, but it tells the Lich King that we are a potential threat when united. Separated, though, now that has some possibilities…

    Arthas is just arrogant enough to see these “heroes” assaulting the Black Temple, and realize that it took twenty-five adventurers AND Maiev Shadowsong to accomplish what he was able to do alone – beat Illidan into submission. I’m sure he sees it as impossible that the same thing could happen to him, but he’s also savvy enough to recognize that he’s not going to be able to conquer Azeroth by his lonesome. He needs his army to handle the little things… but the ‘little things’ were supposed to be those inhabitants of Azeroth that weren’t converted by his most recent plague… which turned out to be (lore-wise) nearly everyone, and certainly these self-proclaimed “heroes.” His plague failed, and now we’re faced with…


    Not sure.

  3. Oh yes, I’m sure the Lich King is far from finished with us. A minor invasion to remind us he’s there, and a bunch of zombies (which I’m still not convinced he’s responsible for), and that’s it? I think not. I, for one, am glad that I’ve stocked up on tools for slaying the filthy undead, because I’m expecting something big on the horizon.

  4. I like to think of the “sheep dog” type actions that my main character must be undertaking at the moment. She is the guild leader, and is therefore responsable for everyone, and I guarantee she is doing a head count right now. She would be asking herself “Where is everyone? Did everyone survive? Is anyone badly injured?” And of course things like “Is my guild better off now? Did we do ‘good deeds’ in the public eye? Did we run and hide like cowards?”

    And of course, she will be gathering her officers and they will be deciding “What next?”

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