Posted by: Jess Riley | October 29, 2008

Theme Week Night Elves: Scattered Thoughts

I admit, I don’t know a lot about the night elves, so I’m not really going to try to go too in-depth into a topic – at least not right off the bat. There’s too many things that I don’t know much about to risk making a fool of myself by rambling about them. But, here’s a few things we could consider.

  • According to the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game, Night Elves can speak some Orcish. As they worked with orcs to halt the Burning Legion (in and of itself an interesting plot point to make reference to, if your character would remember such things), they retain some knowledge of their language for ‘tactical reasons’. While you can’t actually learn Orcish in game as a Night Elf, this tidbit might be useful for roleplay purposes, even if you can’t codely do it.
  • With the Sisters of Elune holding the most power in government, but Archdruid Staghelm thinking of himself as a much more competent leader, a silent power struggle rages in night elf politics. What side of this is your night elf on?
  • We all know about Elune, but who else do the night elves worship? Well, Elune is the moon goddess and is at the top of the list, but there’s also Malorne the Waywatcher. On this note, Cenarius’s children are venerated by the night elves – who is the focus of your night elf’s worship/spiritual focus?
  • Speaking of which, how do elves swear? Do they blaspheme in the name of Elune, or Malorne, or Cenarius, or do they exclaim words related to their passions in life, like, “Pollution!” or “Faithless killing machines!”? Alright, so that’s a bit of a silly point. It’s still valid!
  • What kind of cultural norms are there about clothing? Certainly, you wear armour into battle to protect yourself (although I wouldn’t put it past someone to make a callback to the Celts and charge in naked to scare the enemy), but do they have the same modesty rules as Stormwind Humans?

Just a few thoughts, mostly about culture, to get the creative juices flowing. What do you think about the elves?


  1. Well, from just those tid bits you can see there could be lots to talk about when it comes to the night elves. From the current power struggle in the government, their society being fairly matriarchal and their somewhat diverse religious practices.

    All in all, night elf week should be fun! 🙂

  2. Wow. I’m startled this didn’t get more responses at the time, and here I am replying several months late. Still, it’s inspiring enough I figured I’d write something up concerning my dr00d, Feverfew. XD

    * Sisters of Elune vs. Staghelm: Feverfew inherited an incredible disdain/distrust for Staghelm. He was born just prior to the War of the Shifting Sands; his mother died in the early skirmishes with the Silithid, before he had any real memories of her. His father, needless to say, was extremely unhappy when a war that had already robbed him of something he loved turned into a route, and had very little but criticism for Staghelm. (This is the very short version.) On the flip side, he was around for most of Tyrande’s, well…basically from his point of view, a lot of bad decisions were made concerning Illidan, and he doesn’t like it any more than his father liked Staghelm’s decision-making. So Feverfew’s general stance has been to distance himself entirely from the night elf government; he sees his obligation as a Druid of the Grove as being the nurturing, protection, and improvement of life, regardless of species, provided that life can stay within its role in the greater world and not cause more harm than good. Neither the SoE nor Staghelm’s group seem to look beyond their own political motivations, and he has issues with even the Cenarion Circle’s leadership that lies outside the purview of the archdruids.

    Basically he’s a rebel, but the sort that just grins and bears it most of the time while trying to fix things at the local level.

    * Gods and goddesses: Feverfew honors Elune and Malorne and venerates Cenarius, though his first thought in a “well, this is fscked up to the point where only a god can fix it” situation is to go to Elune Herself. I guess he sort of recognizes the degrees of power in play.

    He’s building his own theology of the Light as he spends more time with the Argent Crusade and Argent Dawn. Right now, he’s approaching it as an aspect of Elune’s grace that She hasn’t deigned to reveal to Her children, but that is making less and less sense to him as time goes on.

    *Cussing (oh my!): Fev swears by Elune, and uses the Twisting Nether the same way most people use hell. He also knows some very inappropriate words in Thalassian (and Dwarvish)!

    * Cultural norms and body shyness: No one knows if you’re naked while you’re in cat form. :V

    More seriously, I figure that night elf norms concerning nudity are much more relaxed than their human equivalent. This probably extends to sexual norms, but since I’ve been re-reading a lot of Mercedes Lackey lately, I may have been infected with her thoughts on an ideal society having a laissez-faire approach to sexuality between consenting adults. IDK.

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