Posted by: blogatelle | October 27, 2008

Theme Week Human Extended

Citing a desire to “do it right” and “avoid the Blood Elf debacle again”, Sean has requested an extension to theme week human. With some misgivings, we have decided to give it to him, as we’ve been low on the ground with this theme. Jess and Sean both agree that they’re a hard race to write about as so much of the setting is seen from their perspective.

So this is also an open call for comments: What about the humans would you like to see written about?

Theme Week: Night Elves will begin Monday.



  1. Did you all get the response I left before when this was originally posted in that tab? If so, good. If not, then tell me and I’ll post it back up. As I posted quite a long & involved comment, and I hate to think you all didn’t get it.

  2. We did indeed, and will repost it here. Our apologies for the error.

    Good to see it being extended, as there is a need to do so as it seems.

    As for ideas about what to talk about, I think the most obvious be the inferiority complex humans have to the other races of Azeroth who are longer lived and much more skilled & knowledgeable than they probably will ever be in areas such as magic and science. And as a result, I think humans epitomize the figure of speech, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Because while there good at a lot, they by no means are great at any one thing that they have learned from other races. Like with magic from the high elves, science from the gnomes(mainly) & dwarves and smithery from the dwarves. Course it could be said, they were better at their faith in the Holy Light than anyone else however with the arrival of the draenei, they now are inferior at a subject they once were the masters of in Azeroth by all accounts, and that must piss them off quite a bit.

    Course because of all this, a strong ambition in them has been created to achieve & to dominate, to grew out of the shadow of their teachers and this is why they have become such a dominate force on Azeroth. And of course, while yes they are a jack of all trades and not a master at any one thing, by being more well rounded than other races, I say this gives them a great advantage. So in effect, what appears to be their greatest weakness to other races and perhaps even themselves, is in fact their greatest strength.

    In addition, you could also go into exploring how in terms of gameplay, humans are always made the jack of trades race, always the more well rounded and balanced race. Therefore exploring the duel psychology that humans have, as both players of the game and as inhabitants of Azeroth. And how these two views make up the experience for those who roll a human in WoW and how such an inferiority complex created by being a jack of trades must drive a player even out of RP situations and into just in-game situations amongst players who’ve picked races who are better at them at something.

  3. Phew, didn’t want to have to retype that if I didn’t have to lol. Hope you all liked it, and I hope more people will comment here, as more ideas are always good. 🙂

    And I also sent you all a email few days back, hope you got that too. If not, I can resend it of course.

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