Posted by: Sean | October 24, 2008


Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I’ve been unwell.

Unwell with Zombie Fever!*

I’m posting this very quickly during my lunch break at work, so it will be short. But here are some suggestions for fun role-playing things to do during the awesome Zombie Event taking place right now.

  • Create packs. Not only is it more effective, but it’s more realistic to the zombie image. Plus, you can have a hoot with each other yelling, “Brains!” “Brains?” “WASSUP!” “Brains?” “Brains.” (For extra points, put these phrases in a macro!)
  • Clever girl. Do your best to actually scare people by creating two packs of zombies. Have one engage your targets, then have the others rush from behind a corner with the lurch ability from behing while all /screaming.
  • The hidden infection. Show up to a guild meeting with the plague. Repeatedly claim everything is fine. If someone else does this, do not cleanse their infection. Once a zombie, either attack or hide in a corner and /whimper until you die.
  • THIS… IS… MY BOOMSTICK! Since the undead shamble slow, why not use this opportunity to improve your firearms skill? If you ever take a zombie down with a gunshot, brag about your ‘headshots’.
  • Round ’em up and burn ’em. They burn pretty good. It’s zombies. It’s Hallow’s End. We have nice big bonfires in numerous villages. Priests have Mind Control. Do you see what I’m saying?

There are plenty more ideas. Fire your own off in comments! See you tomorrow for the end of human week, where I’ll be attempting to write probably over 4000 words in a single day! See you all!

* Actually I had really bad headaches and dizzy spells.


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