Posted by: blogatelle | October 13, 2008

Theme Week Gnomes Begins!

Just when you thought we couldn’t go any smaller, we can! It’s time for the tiniest race of Azeroth to have their week at Blogatelle. It occurs to us that Sean’s heartfelt post about draenei also has a lot of application to the gnomes: They too are primarily refugees at this point in the story. But what about before that note? What can you say about gnomes as seemingly a scientific democracy? What can you say about their height and the psychological issues therein? And don’t forget, we’ll have a Gnome Play File ready to go sometime this week!

If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them. Please send them to and we’ll set you up as a guest blogger. Go hard, or go gnome.


  1. Shame I got here a little too late, would of loved to do something on the gnomes as they’re my most favorite race in WoW.

    But perhaps, in the future I can do something with them, especially in light of Sean going back and doing the blood elf play file for this week.

    Either way, it was a great week of entries for them. So good job everyone! 😀

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