Posted by: Sean | October 7, 2008

Theme Week Dwarves: It’s DWARVES, not DWARFS.

Well, it is. Seriously, look it up on the Blizzard site.

If only all posts were this easy.



  1. Even though I may agree, my spell checker does not! Silly thing!

  2. Well, technically both dwarfs and dwarves are a plural of dwarf with dwarfs being the more common one. But I guess, for this purpose, the only plural ever used for them in the game is dwarves. I really don’t see why anyone confuse that with Blizzard blatantly showing which plural they prefer as evident by the link you provided. And I think we can all agree, dwarves sounds cooler than dwarfs. 😀

    And Cynra, ya it seems that spell checkers are fickle when it comes to plurals of words. Luckily, I have one that allows me to add new words to the dictionary, making all those red underlines go away, especially when I type about stuff like this.

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