Posted by: Sean | October 7, 2008

Announcing the Katafray Project

fegaresize.jpg katafresize.jpg eme.jpg

Sorry we’ve been so quiet of late. See, we’ve been planning. And we thought; why leave a silly old joke alone, when we could retool it into something conceivably useful?

And so, we have. This is The Katafray Project. I’m playing Katafray, the draenei paladin in the middle there. Jess is playing Eme, the gnomish warlock to the right. And a friend of ours who will introduce himself soon is playing Fegari, the night elven priestess on the left. (We have one more player to announce, but are waiting on a screenshot.)

Why is this special? Because you’re going to be alongside us every step of the way. We’re going to use these characters to try and demonstrate in a hands-on way how to role-play. From character concept to avatar design, from our first steps in the beginning zones to the first city we reach, we’ll be discussing how we role-played, how it worked, and what didn’t work.

In addition, these girls will be our vehicle for Role-Play Mythbusting. What is the best way to pick up random role-play in a major city? Does asking on general chat for role-play actually work? Can role-playing with NPCs pick up role-play with PCs? Or is the best strategy to already be in a proper role-play with someone, thus luring others in?

We’re hoping this becomes a new and valuable feature to Blogatelle. Again, apologies for the slow weekend. (We had a long weekend in Australia, which slowed us down a lot.) Regular posting will begin today.


  1. Sounds interesting. I look forward to it.

    By the way, I’m laying the blame for my resubscription to World of Warcraft squarely at you folks’ feet. That way, I don’t have to take any responsibility for my actions. Convenient how that works out, isn’t it?

  2. Looks to be a great project to do, as putting theory into practice is always more beneficial than essentially theorizing or postulating all day. Though I will say, why no man love? It be nice to have at least one of you playing a male character, so to get a better perspective overall as I think it could be argued that people may be more inclined to RP with some pretty ladies then some man meat haha. 😀

  3. Pure coincidence. Blogatelle started by asking myself and Jess to make characters, and of course I was hamstrung by the polling, which said ‘Make a draenei girl!’. Jess found the idea of playing a single mother interesting.

    The second round of offers went out, and both came back female. Just chance.

    You have to admit, this does create a nifty kind of Charlie’s Angels feel to the whole thing.

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