Posted by: Jess Riley | September 22, 2008

The Succubus and You

My most recent post sparked an (in my opinion) unusual question from Sean: would male blood elves, in particular, be sexually aroused by or interested in, a succubus? Apparently, my assertion that without my preoccupation with the sexual activity of roleplay characters, I am little more than the kind-hearted blogger with the squeaky girl voice has sparked either actual interest from other people in this favourite topic of mine, or has gotten people conspiring to give me really odd things to blog about – but, in any case. I thought this was a sufficiently interesting question that it would be worth putting off my second theme week post to explore this first.

Really, you can take this from two main perspectives. The first of which is, what is a succubus, really? The earliest reference to the succubus that I know of is in the Malleus Maleficarum (for those who don’t know, penned to prove the need for the various witch hunts). The Malleus Maleficarum said that Satan was in the habit of appearing to unmarried men in the form of a beautiful, sexy woman (a succubus) and seducing them, before appearing to unmarried women in the form of a sexy man (an incubus) and seducing them, passing on the semen from the unmarried man in the previous sexual encounter. The idea of this was that Satan could not create life, only manipulate circumstances so it could happen; by appearing as the succubus, he would tempt the man into sin and harvest the semen, so that he could impregnate a woman (and presumably, this would explain why there were unmarried women having children that looked unfortunately like young men from the area; it was Satan’s doing.)

I don’t know if this is the actual origin of the succubus, or if this was just one part of the whole dirty history (a quick search indicates that they have older origins in mythology, but this is the extent of my knowledge), but with a history like this, I don’t think I even need to make the second point in order to establish that yes, a succubus is very sexy in concept, and there are probably plenty of male blood elves who have engaged in sexual relations with their succubus. Even just look at the character models for the succubus: I personally don’t find it all that sexy, but they’re clearly sexualized. Whips and spanking, and scanty clothing – if that’s your thing, they have plenty of it.

The other point, which Sean proposed to me after he asked me to talk about this, was about the history of sex and drugs. A succubus is, by definition, a creature of magic; magic is like a drug to the blood elves; drugs and sex have a long, dirty history together – therefore, sex and a succubus go together amazingly well.

This isn’t an interpretation I have a lot of time for, personally. Looking at it from my computer screen, I don’t look at a succubus and go, “Oh, a creature of magic – time for some fun!”. Come to think of it, I also don’t go, “Oh, a creature that looks like a nearly naked woman with some whips – time for some fun!”, but I can see why people would.

Of course, that’s the thing. I’m looking at this from the perspective of a human sitting at a computer. For the best canon answer, I should be looking at this from the perspective of a blood elf male. From that perspective, when it comes to the whole magic and sex thing, perhaps the question I should be asking is this: if a magic-dependent person is sexually intimate with a magical being, does this sate their sexual needs as well as their magic cravings?

If the answer is yes – and there’s certainly a lot of signs pointing to yes on this one – then yes, blood elf males are probably more likely than other males to want to get it on with a succubus. On the other hand, a lot of males probably want to get it on with their succubus as it is.

A thought to warlocks in general, though; perhaps it’s worth keeping in mind why you do summon your succubus. No, really. Is it because they’re a good fighter, because you want to have sex with them, or because you want to show that you have power over what is effectively a magical woman? I would hazard a guess that a lot of warlocks want the latter, and it’s certainly something to think about.

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