Posted by: Sean | September 18, 2008

Silly Idea #1

Filed under: Role-playing as performance art.

Form a guild composed entirely of female gnomes on a PVP server. Use the new barber shops to give them all the exact same hairstyle and color, and make sure each and every last one of them is wearing a green linen shirt. Call the guild “Girl Scouts”.

Have your entire guild, ideally about twenty gnomes, stand out on a street corner somewhere. Do not move or talk. If they see an Alliance character move past, have the entire guild suddenly run up to him and say, “Cookies?” over and over and over. The guild master should then try to trade the character some mana biscuits. She may use an emote to suggest that the victim must pay for the biscuits, and the moment any pay is received, at all, the entire guild should /cheer three times and then move on to a new location.

If they see a horde character move through, however, they should stomp him to the curb as hard as possible, all the while saying, “Cookies!” over and over again. When the poor guy is dead, stand on his corpse and /cheer three times. Then move on.

I don’t know if this counts as a role-play idea or not. As noted, it’s role-play as performance art. There’s no real characters to speak of, just a really odd freaking display. It’s somewhat akin to a flash mob.

Which in and of itself isn’t a bad idea either.



  1. I’ll admit it: I laughed.

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