Posted by: Pixelated Executioner | September 16, 2008

How To Be A Pirate : Part 1

Pirates! (Yarr!)

I’ve always been fascinated by pirates, ever since I was a little kid. Pirate costumes for Halloween, Pirate Legos… I had it pretty bad. So when the folks here at Blogatelle announced that they planned on having a Pirate Week, I knew I just had to participate.

This week, I’ll be contributing my take on how to be a real pirate, a true scallywag, the scourge of the seas. I thought long and hard about what it means to be one, and I realized that it boils down to three things: style, mannerisms, and actions. Put on yer eyepatch, don yer boots, and sharpen yer blade, matey, ’cause here we go!

In part 1 of the How To Be A Pirate series, we’ll cover the pirate style; how to dress the part. After all, if you don’t look like a pirate, how can you possibly be a pirate?

There are actually a lot of options for “playing dress-up” as a few of my guildmates would refer to it, depending on just how much effort you’re willing to put forth into the way you look. We’ll start with the simpler items to get, and work our way up to the more complicated.*

The easiest way to dress the part is spend some time in the Deadmines. The Buccaneer’s Vest, Pants, and Boots are fairly easy to get, most often with one or two quick runs through. This at least gives you an outfit that can be worn at a low level for any class, and serves its purpose. The outfit does lend more to the swashbuckling type, or more along the lines of a captain or first mate in terms of dress, though. What if you wanted to be a deckhand (or in a gnome’s case, maybe, a cabin boy/girl)? The Deckhand’s Shirt is just what you’re after, and you can find this little treasure on the pirates in The Barrens.

Now we can spice it up a little bit more. How about a sash? Captain Sander’s Sash will add a bit of color to your outfit, and is a quest reward from Captain Sander’s Treasure Map, which can be found on the Murlocs in Westfall. Alternatively, if you’re a higher level and want to keep the treasure map as a prop, you can go for the Swashbuckler Sash, a reward from Deliver to MacKinley. What if you wanted some color? The Red and Black Swashbuckler’s Shirts are some good choices as well, and can be made by most tailors.

So that gives us some footwear, a fancy shirt, some nice pants, and a sash to pull it all together, but something is still missing… I wonder what it… oh yeah! Headwear!

If you’re not the captain type, a Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch is a good option for those who can wear leather or better armor. It’s tricky to find, though, since it would be a random drop from any level-50ish creep (mob, for the traditional MMO types that didn’t play WarCraft). The cloth types will just have to settle for an Admiral’s Hat (provided by a tailor), but I doubt any Mages or Warlocks would complain. You can’t get by on a fancy hat, though! You’re going to need a sword!

You won’t get very far on the high seas if you can’t kill your enemies when your ship is boarded! For the higher level sword users, the Adamantite Rapier will serve you well; it’s quick, and to the point (Pun intended.), and available from any appropriately leveled blacksmith. Lower level sword users might enjoy the Cruel Barb, found once again in the Deadmines. If you can’t use a sword, never fear; just about any dagger will do. I could certainly cover more weapons here; but on my search through WoW Model Viewer for appropriately-shaped and -named items for this post, I realized that I could probably do a whole post just on weapons alone… so if these items won’t suit you, I recommend checking for yourself what might suit you best!

Finally, no pirate can be without their faithful pet. Captain Barbossa had Jack (the monkey, you ninnies, not Jack Sparrow), and Mr. Cotton had his talking parrot. For the bird lovers among you, the Green Wing Macaw‘s cage is an easily found parrot in Deadmines (where else?), and, in my opinion, is much more visually appealing than the Senegal, available from a Booty Bay vendor. The Hyacinth Macaw is another fair choice, but good luck finding one on a Bloodsail Buccaneer in Stranglethorn Vale.

So, by now, we’ve covered the easy way to dress the part. Now we can touch a little on the hard way.

If you’re willing to risk your health and well-being on a few harder to obtain items, then you’re going to have to ransack Booty Bay. The Bloodsail Buccaneers are known to reward their faithful crewmembers, but you’ve got to have neutral reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, and be hated by Booty Bay. Since it would be unfair of me to suggest this path to anyone without trying it first myself, I decided to send my warrior wading through Booty Bay in the hopes of getting this gear before having to make this post.

I haven’t succeeded yet. It’s going to take a while, and losing the availability of two flightpaths and access to four cities is going to hurt a bit. Don’t take this route unless you’re willing to deal with the consequences, both IC and OOC. Ultimately, though, following this path will culminate in the Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat, proving to the world that you will give no quarter. The hat is blood red, and, when used, even summons a parrot for your trouble.

So there you have it! Next post, we’ll go over how to act and speak, because let’s face it, if you can’t talk the talk, walking the walk will get you keelhauled.

*I haven’t, by the way, forgotten about the Savory Deviate Delight. I’m on the fence about this one, since it’s not always guaranteed to make you a pirate. Also, it’s not anywhere near as much fun, because it does wear off after a while, requiring another consumption or two (or more) to restore your piratical appearance.


  1. yarrr, this be the random you met on the ship *bus today ^_^

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