Posted by: Jess Riley | September 15, 2008

Titles: Some Thoughts

I know Sean’s upset about the new Lich King titles being taken out, and honestly, I have some sympathy for that. More fun, pointless things like that can really only make things better… for a certain kind of player, anyway.

Now, however, it’s my turn to ramble on the subject.

Titles are great. I know Sean says that it’s better to have a real one than fake one, but given how much else we’re faking, why not write that you have a title as well? You don’t even need FlagRSP or ImmersionRP or anything to do it; when you introduce yourself to someone, or send an in-character letter to someone, drop your title in to the conversation. Insist that people call you by your title! Here’s a few ways I was thinking of that you could seamlessly introduce this into roleplay.

  • “Lord Warrior of the Clan of the Madeupwords, pleased to meet you.” It seems obvious, but make a point of introducing yourself by title when you meet someone, if you feel the urge. It doesn’t even have to be as dramatic as a whole slew of titles – a young woman who prefers the propriety of being called ‘Miss’ or ‘Madame’, for example, can be just as particular about that as a warrior who insists on being recognised as Lord/Lady Whomever of the Whatever.


  • “Excuse me, I prefer to be called Lord Warrior.”  Don’t let people get away with calling you by just your first name unless you know them really, really well. If they do slip up? Don’t just ignore it! Glare at them, scold them, icily correct them, threaten to whip them for their insolence – whatever suits your character and the situation. Again, it doesn’t have to be a big deal; a simple “/e shoots Katafray an icy glare.” or “Miss Mage.” can get the point across neatly.


  • Kindest Regards, Lord Warrior of the Clan of the Madeupwords, Order of the Sundance Kids, Master Chef.  When they sign off a letter, do they do so with a full list of their titles and achievements? Only when it’s formal? All the time? If they do so, make a point of doing this every time it would be appropriate to do so. Consider in the real world, in formal letters or applications, people do this – it may not seem so dramatic as this, but consider, “Sincerely, Doctor Sue Donym, PhD, Headmaster of Invented Public School” at the bottom of a formal letter from the principal of a school. At least for formal purposes, it’s perfectly normal to include a basic list of achievements and relevant titles; make your character include this, too!

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