Posted by: Pixelated Executioner | September 15, 2008

Introduction: Pixelated Executioner

Blogatelle: Normally, we don’t have introductions for guest bloggers. However, we can extend a bit of leeway to Pixelated Executioner, one of our regular commentators. Especially since he’s suggested he may do multiple guest posts this week. Take it away, Executioner!

I dithered about making this post, actually. I’m not one to give myself grand introductions, and this will be no different.

I did, however, feel that it might be a little unfair for me to just jump right in on a guest post with the usual flair that I have on my own blog without giving you fair warning. I also swore to myself that I wouldn’t link to my own blog in my introduction post, and just suggest that everyone Google it, but when I Google’d it myself, I don’t even show up on the first page anymore. I then thought it would be a little unfair to force anyone to do any extra work just to find me.

I digress. I’m good at that, and I’ll apologize for it in advance.

Anyway, I’m here to participate in Pirate Week! So shore up the mainbrace and make ready the guns, ye scurvy scallywags! Right sure that you’ll have a mighty good time, as we show ye how to walk the walk and talk the talk, and ready your crew for plunder!




  1. If Pixelated Executioner does a whole bunch of posts this week, am I off the hook for theme week?

    Please advise, Blogatelle.


  2. Blogatelle says no.

  3. No “may” about it, kids. 😀 There will be multiple posts!

    Sorry, Jess. I hope you’re at least getting bonus cookies this week!

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