Posted by: blogatelle | September 15, 2008

A Few Announcements, including Kicking Off Pirate Week

  1. Pirate Week begins! As always, please send us any ideas you have about the veritable awesomeness of pirates to, we’d love to hear them.
  2. As of next week, we’re beginning a really huge project: We’re going to blog every single one of the World of Warcraft races, beginning with the Blood Elves and working down alphabetically. So that means, yes next week’s theme will be Blood Elves. Again, if you have any thoughts, send them to, we’d still love to hear from you!
  3. To the lovely chap who ran a phishing attack against me, really, the thought was sweet. But unfortunately for you, neither Sean nor Jess opted into the beta, so it really wasn’t that convincing despite all the effort you put in. Also, Blogatelle isn’t a real person, so please don’t send any more phishing attempts to We don’t want to hear from you.
  4. For other bloggers: While Blizzard can and does send media invites into the Beta, they’ll do so through their PR department, not through a standard beta invite mailout. Just for anyone else who received a phishing attack and had a moment of, “Hm, but wait a moment.” If you want more info, you might as well email It’s not really what it’s for, but hey.
  5. Also,

Thank you all. Regular blogging resumes today.


  1. Gotta love the phishers… they keep trying. Unfortunately, they keep succeeding because there are people out there who don’t think before they click.

    Hmmm… race week, eh? Guess I need to get my thoughts together for the Draenei.

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