Posted by: blogatelle | September 11, 2008

Theme Week Announcement: Pirates.

Whether it’s Errol Flynn or Johnny Depp, pirates have always held a place deep in our heart. Maybe it’s the sense of freedom, maybe it’s the appeal of the ocean. Whatever it is, for some reason we’re willing to politely overlook the murder, rape, theft and widescale destruction and sensibly praise their cool hats. But what about pirates in World of Warcraft? Obviously, the Bloodsail Buccaneers exist and are alternatively killed and begged for the aforementioned hat, but why would you want to play one? How? What do we have to say about Warcraft piracy? Can we resist speaking in pirate speak for an entire day this week?

For that matter, can you? As always, we welcome guest posts here at Blogatelle. Simply e-mail us at and pitch us on your idea for a column about pirates. And remember, bands like it when you yell “Yarr!” at them.

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