Posted by: Sean | September 9, 2008

Theme Week: Religion: Do It Different – Introduction

We’re going to do our Do It Different column for priests a little differently. Partly, this is for Religion week, but it’s also out of recognition that the priest is, role-play wise, possibly the most variable class in the game. Think about it racially, to start with. I mean, if you’re a human or an orcish warrior, you’re still gonna expect to hit stuff in a role-play perspective. A Night Elvish or Trollish mage? You’re going to be studying strange texts and babbling odd arcane theories. Rogues are going to be sneaky and shifty, regardless of race.

But for priests? A human priest is probably what most of us first think of when we hear the term “priest”, a follower of the Holy Light, with a lot of Catholic overtones. They’re not too far from the draenei, either, although there will be some differences. Now, what about a dwarven priest? Most of them these days will be worshiping the Titans, and there’s going to be a notably different moral code here. A night elven priest (or more likely, priestess,) of Elune is going to be very different from all of them; consider that a priestess of Elune might consider pacifism to be a moral ideal to aspire to, in line with the goddess’s teachings. But few priestess’s of the Holy Light would ever agree, tenacity being one of their holy virtues.

And once we cross the faction divide, it now gets really different. A troll priest is going to be a hougan of voodoo, the undead priest will be completely different as probably a follower of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, and the blood elf… is…

I don’t even have a clue what warped kind of religion a Blood Elf priest would teach.

Similarly and even more profoundly, the talent spec of a priest really matters for role-play. Again, an arms warrior is going to role-play around hitting stuff, a fury warrior around hitting stuff while yelling, and a protection warrior around hitting stuff with his shield. But a Holy priest is going to be focused on watching over his flock, being a pastor and preacher. But you just know a Shadow priest won’t be, and instead is going to be maybe a prophet of doom. And who knows what a discipline priest is, exactly?

As such, we’re going to be doing three different posts for Do It Different this week. Do It Different: Holy Priest and Do It Different: Shadow Priest respectively will show you how to make priests of that kind in ways that are familiar yet different, while (with apologies to Nike,) Just Do It: DIscipline Priests will try to make a case for how the Discipline priest is different yet again to both of them. And, out of acknowledgement that a Holy priest does not mean a good priest, nor a Shadow priest mean an evil one, we’re going to try and include one good, one evil, and one neutral(ish) archetype for each.

We hope you enjoy.

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